Friday, July 31, 2009

To see or not to see...

Today we took Eli to his first visit to the eye Doctor. His special needs were described as "Glaucoma and Post-Cataract Surgery". Our American Doctor, Dr. Lee, said that Eli was neither best case nor worst case. Looks like his original problem was having a cataract in both eyes --- possibly from birth or possibly from an infection. He has already had 2 surgeries in China. The first was to remove his LENS. This apparently is common for cataract patients under the age of 2. The second surgery was to remove fragments of his lens that didn't get taken out correctly the first time.

Eli could have developed the Glaucoma on his own OR another cause for this in children is actually 'cataract surgery'. Regardless of how it developed, he also has glaucoma in one eye.

The doctor was dissappointed that he was not given any help getting his eyes back into "focus" following his China surgeries and felt like that could have helped him considerably. Not having any such therapy has put us a "little behind the eight ball" so to speak.

Regardless, the first thing he wanted to do was get Eli into glasses. The perscription is fairly significant -- but getting his eyes back into focus is key. Since the lens of his eye has actually been removed, he'll be looking at glasses or contacts for the rest of his life most likely. We got him the cutest pair. He looks so smart! I can't wait to see his reaction to being able to see things better! He has obviously learned to compensate for his vision issues.

Glaucoma is the result of too much pressure in the eye -- and therefore -- damage occurs to the optic nerve. He was able to get a general reading on Eli and didn't feel it was that significant. He will do a more specific test for eye pressure in 2 months after Eli has had some time to adjust to the glasses. At that time, we'll know if we are looking at medication or surgery to manage the glaucoma. In the meantime, the glasses should improve his vision in a huge way.

We are praying this little boy sees a bright future!

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  1. I am sure Eli looks so cute in his glasses! I hope things continue to improve with his glaucoma and that he doesn't have to endure any further surgeries!

    I hope your first week at home has gone smoothly and that Eli is adjusting well!