Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Moving into 2nd Gear.....

Yes, that's a pic of Eli eating a doughnut....welcome to America!

Eli has been ours for 24 days! We've been home for only 12 of those. This week, a little less jet lagged, having the excitement of re-uniting with our bio kids settle a bit, and our extended family gone home ---- we've really been able to more clear headedly observe Eli. He actually seems to be doing so well! He seems more relaxed, happy and playful. He laughs alot and enjoys the affection of all his family members. Eli has certainly become more familiar with the layout of our home and the dogs. Infact, he has yet another english word under his belt, "Maddy-Franklin". Our 2 dogs are named "Madison" (because it's cute) and "Franklin" (after the singer Kirk Franklin -- they look alike). He likes to walk around and yell their one name, "Maddy-Franklin"! He shows them whose long as they don't get too close. He regularly uses the words "Thank You", "All done", and "Bye Bye" at the right times. He's been said to have used "Stop!" as well. He seems to have begun to understand - just a little - that the 6 members of our family are special to him --- and that within that group -- there's something different about Billy and's all good.

I also believe I see in his questioning eyes an undercurrent of "how long is this going to last" - A tad bit of insecurity that tomorrow may be his last day here. He OCCASIONALLY calls me "Mommy" on his own, but he also uses the Chinese phrase for nanny alot. We gently correct him, after all, nannies come and go...but mommies stay forever.


  1. Thank you for updating we who r far away. Luv and miss u all so very much. I feel like a part of my actual body was ripped out and left in CO, is that normal??? (((hugs)))

  2. ...I would think that means you shouldn't be living in Florida??? It's just a guess. ;)