Saturday, March 26, 2011

Vacation Planning

We love vacation! I even love vacation planning! One vacation just makes me want to plan the next one. Seriously, a vacation every other month would be fine by me! For the FALL...we are considering this....

Makes me happy!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Back in December we were planning a little mini vacation for our family. It fell through when Billy took a new job -- so we shot for Spring Break instead! After a very busy allbeit fantastic Sunday (Church, leading worship, baptism, The Net outreach, wedding rehearsal - just a few of the many things we packed into this day), we arrived in Breckenridge, Colorado about 7pm.

God blessed us by using new friends who sweetly provided our family with the perfect condo right in downtown Breckenridge! Snow + Sun = Great Fun! We had plenty of both!

After sleeping in on Monday and lazily watching a few episodes of Cake Boss, we headed out to the Sled Hill. Fitting all of us AND our belongings into a Kia is ALWAYS a challenge.

After sledding and a little snowboarding, we headed to Eric's for an early dinner! As you might imagine, it's NEVER cheap to take 7 people out to dinner -- so when we can combine lunch/dinner into one eating out meal a day -- we've done good! So good infact, we have a little $$$ left over for the arcade and candy store!

On, Tuesday, we still hadn't had enough of the snow -- so we headed to nearby Frisco to tube and snowboard. As SOON as we got to the top of the lift -- a massive wind/snowstorm began to blow through. My words can't express how cold it was coming down that run! The affect was like riding through a freezing rain storm on a motorcycle going 80mph with no helmet! Eli hid and occasionally answered affirmative to the question, "Eli, are you still there?"

We are no quitters however -- and managed to enjoy the tubing hill and each other for the full session.

After drying off, the kids and B went back out to practice up on their snowboard skills. Me and Eli stayed near the warm fireplace drinking hot chocolate!

After a day of outdoor excitement, we repeated the dinner ritual from the night before (after all, it worked so well the first time!) by going back to Eric's AND the candy store. We shopped a little and bought the game Quelf. I won't post the pics of B putting on lipstick...but lets just say, it's a great game!

We had Chinese and shopped a little more on Wednesday, then headed back down the mountain late that evening. All in all it was a fast, but very satisfying mini vaca. Would love to hear what your family did over Spring Break!