Sunday, July 12, 2009

For My Children's Sake....

Thursday, after surving a 12 hour plane ride (with terrible food, and 4 movies), we met our Guide, Sindy, in the spectacular Beijing airport. The people here are really serious about not getting Swine Flu. They took each persons temperature 3 times before we finally got out of the airport! We were put on a very nice tour bus and taken to our Holiday Inn Downtown. The city looks surprisingly American, except it's very dirty, it smells and is soooooo crowded. The place looks foggy all the time, but it's really SMOG. We were soooo tired this first night we fell asleep by 7pm (and then were wide awake 2:30am). Dad walked through the streets some trying to find a way to get his cell phone working, but no one spoke English.

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