Wednesday, September 29, 2010

That's what I get for eating at McDonald's

Well...we don't go there very often...because...well...WE HATE THE FOOD! However, tonight I as a single mom with 2 hungry sons and no dinner plan following football practice.

We decided to go in.

As I stood in the LONG line (no joke! Really? Other people actually LIKE eating there?)a young man who had been waiting for his food approached the tray on the counter. As he stood there eating the fries -- appearing to be waiting for something else -- the man behind him says, "Excuse me sir, that's my tray." Yes, he'd been eating off the wrong tray.

I stood there in line laughing at this -- when all of a sudden I turn around and my own 3 year old (granted, he has limited vision) was pulled up to someone else's table eating THEIR fries! Embarssed, I was tempted to leave him there, but sent Ben after him as a compromise. Guess that's what I get for eating at McDonald's.