Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine

Lest you all think it's "too perfect" - here are a few things heard in RamFam Casa this Valentines Day....

"Mom, since I paid $52 for the flowers, they gave me a free vase."

Me, "Valentines Day is a fake holiday designed by Hershey and Hallmark to get our money". Hosanna, "I know. That is why I didn't get you anything".

Me, "Billy, you will love what I got you for Valentines Day". B, "Are you serious? I didn't get you anything". Me, "Then you will love what I got US for Valentines Day".

Remaining nameless, "Did you charge us a hot tub on your mom's credit card for Valentines Day"?

"Thanks mom for the electric blanket".

Eli, "Did you know I'm suppose to take little cards with words on them to school today"?

"Do you think we should invite the extended family over for a romantic Valentines dinner"?

Female child, "I need to become a cheerleader"? Me, "why"? "Because apparently when you are a cheerleader
You get a whole bunch of free stuff from boys on Valentines Day."

Be blessed friends!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pro Life thoughts on Breast Cancer

(I haven't read every article. I don't know every thing there is to know about breast cancer research or planned parenthood. But I have read. I have listened to some of the arguments. And, I do care about women. So on that note, here you go...).

 I have "friends" on both sides. Pro Life friends and Pro Choice friends. Friends in both camps whom I respect, who love their families and believe they are contributing to the good of our society. 

I am Pro Life. Not because my Christianity dictates I have to be, but because I've studied the issue from both sides and I've made a thoughtful decision about where I want to stand.  I realize that with every decision, especially concerning causes, I don't have a perfect argument.  Neither side does.  But none-the-less, I have too choose.  I love women.  But I can not separate that love from the love I have for the babies they carry.

I am not Pro Life because I am a woman hater.  I have read that label in many articles over the past few days and it is absurd.  Probably a label given by a Pro Choice organization who was no doubt tired of being called a baby killer. In my opinion, none of this is helpful.

The Susan G Komen situation has been interesting to watch over the past few days.

Pro Lifers have applauded SGK's break up with Planned Parenthood.  They have escalated it to "baby saving status".  Why?  This is very unlikely.  This non-faith based organization has out right said there decision had nothing to do with the pro life cause and in my opinion we do not do anyone any favors by misrepresenting them.

On the other hand, Pro Choicers have done the same thing.  They have also made it political at the sake of women's health care (which has become increasingly unaffordable in America).  The last time I checked SGK was a philanthropic organization in the United States of America.  They have the right to give money or to not give money where they decide is best.  To demand a gift be given is entitlement and bullying.  And it is just as political to decide that the "experts" are no longer the "experts" because they make a financial decision that pro choicers don't care for. 

I've done some research.  Not a single PP in my town does mammograms.  They do breast exams.  Which is more expensive?  Breast exams as done as a part of a womans health screening or a mammogram?  If SGK says their funds would do more good for women going directly to these providers, I won't shed a tear over it.  But I won't misrepresent their intentions either.  They are trying to care for women, not save babies.

Both organizations made quite a bit of money from the 2 days break up.  For Pro Lifers and organizations who feel cheated, you need to understand that SGK is a non faithbased, secular, breast cancer research organization.  Give them your money if you want to fund breast cancer research.  If you look for another organization to support because of the PP connection, you are in your rights to do so.  However, if you gave because you wanted to applaud a pro life stance (one that they never claimed to have), you should consider that pro life dollars are better spent by make a contribution to your local crisis pregnancy centers -- places specifically designed to care for woman who couldn't other wise afford it and offer alternatives to abortion.

Lots of people feel passionately over abortion  Passionate feelings don't make one an expert on breast cancer research.  In my opinion politics won here -- and both sides contributed.

In the meantime, if you are woman who finds herself pregnant.  Call me!  719-290-2449.  No judgement.  No hate.  Just someone to care about your story.  Having been in an unplanned, teen pregnancy myself, I feel more than qualified to walk you through several options.  And love you even if you don't do what I would do...because I do indeed care about both women......and babies.