Friday, July 3, 2009

I don't know "karate", but I do know "crazy" and I ain't afraid to use it....

Last night, at eleven pm, my 3 children were watching the old, old version of King Kong when we got the call that Elizabeth's flight had landed an hour early. Fortunately, her anxious-to-get-his-daughter-back daddy was already at the airport. She brought back tons of candy and we all enjoyed the reunion (and chocolate). She's been resting and hasn't had much time to download to us about her trip, but we are planning a special dinner tonight and look forward to the stories.

Hosanna is recovering, physically. Her toes are swollen and she truly grieves over the loss of her mobility and summer plans. Tears are frequent...anger too. My bright ideas of signing up for an art class or getting a manicure haven't seemed to help. I'm going to suggest she "blog". I am limited to stepping back and allowing grief to take it's course...praying that God would speak to her and comfort her as she embraces a new, allbeit temporary, reality. I prefer situations I can fix.

We are busy getting paperwork together, some of which I'm having a difficult time putting my hands on. We have more passport photos to take, meds for Eli to pick up, meals to get in the freezer, 7 people to pack, phone calls to make, a house on the market to situate, dogs and a fourth of July BBQ to host. I lost my drivers lisc today. Basically, the scariest environment imaginable. Adoption is hard, hard work. Period. Actually, I would say good families are hard work in general. I quoted a friend a line from the movie Shanghi Noon the other day. It describes our life well at the moment. "I may not know KARATE but I do know CRAZY and I ain't afraid to use it!"

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