About Me

I grew up the stereotypical pastor's daughter.  In the South. Footloose on steroids.  I've since thanked my mother for not putting me up for adoption, and, for the most part, we've both recovered.

Growing up East of the Mississippi, in the Bible Belt, I heard "truth" from birth.  By some MIRACLE, in spite of all that truth, I still decided to become a JESUS Girl.  In my broken state, it was His kindness that got me.  Some sort of beauty I couldn't describe when I finally experienced His presence for the very first time. His real presence.  In a non-denominational worship service, like walking in to someone else's intimate experience.  It was uncomfortable at first, but I kept coming back.  I craved His unconditional love -- that elusive intimate, crazy, love I had looked for my entire life -- right there with me all along.  Who knew?

In 1994, I married this GREAT GUY.  20 years later, I still can't believe he wants to be married to me. And, as a bonus, we're still great friends.

I love my HOME and MY FAMILY.  I love to brag on the 6 very different humans that live with me. And, invite others to know them as well.  I am an introvert that oddly still loves to have people around my table, sharing a meal, having the BEST conversations.  And afterwards, give me an afternoon to paint a wall (in silence) and paint some words on a pallet to hang on said wall and -- I'm in heaven.

I love WRITING as much as I like painting.  I'm a messy painter.  No prep -- all process.  My writing is the same.  I have a Facebook, a blog, and a half dozen journals.  I keep lists on my phone.  I run an entire business on a sheet of notebook paper.  Writing is quiet.  It helps me think.  Written words have changed me.  I hope to use mine for good, not evil.

I love hot baths, fuzzy socks, hiking, and being 100 LBS LIGHTER this past year!

I love that YOU, dear reader, have decided my family and my life and my writing are worth your time.  I personal invite you to be apart...and to share your life with me as well.


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