Monday, December 28, 2015

Another Post About Books

I love reading.  It makes me happy.  Goes very well with "thinking" I believe.  :)

Here is the lot of books I recently finished.

Billy's been talking about this for years, and even uses it in the DESIGN class he teaches, but I'd never taken the time to get into it.  The original book on the subject of developing your strengths versus trying to fix all your weaknesses was Living Your Strengths, out of print for the past couple of years.  2.0 has a short description at the beginning, but isn't meant to stand alone.  Soooooo, the way you want to do it is go to the Strengths Finder website and take the short test.  Your results will be your top 5 "strengths".  Mine were Connector, Intellection, Relator, Discipline, and Restorative.  And, well, it's so interesting and useful I made most of my family take the test as well.  You can then use the book to read about your strengths, how to use them in various situations, etc.  I highly recommend.

Finished yet another book by Neta and Dave Jackson.  My family rolls their eyes and shakes their heads in bewilderment at my adoration for this series.  What can I say?  I like cheese from time to time.

Currently, I am half way through this.  Easy to understand - a great read.  A side trail here:  We have made a few HUGE financial mistakes in the past 20 years.  Not things like forgetting to pay the utility bill, or not saving for back to school, or taking a vacation on a credit card.  WE'VE MADE BIGGER MISTAKES THAN THAT. Looking back though, they weren't mistakes out of ill intention or even selfishness so much as they were mistakes made out of ignorance.  The "right" thing to do, simply wasn't a thought in our consciousness.  I have come to believe, therefore, it's wise to learn about financial things beyond tithing, giving offerings, and saving.  Wise to have a smart head as well as a right heart.  And wise to be prepared for financial surprises that may happen from time to time. 
(For example, if you win the lottery, did you know you should never spend a large, lump sum of money?  You should invest it to make more money.  And, well, I've never played the lottery but there ya go).

LOVED this very short book.  Easy to read in a day.  Fresh, deep reflections on Christian leadership.  Go.  Read.  It.

Currently on my side table...


Almost through this book.  Loving it.  If you have a sense that you are transitioning (and I am), it's a
good word.

We were graced to have Juli come and speak at a MOPS meeting this past year.  And, I decided that while I'm "transitioning" to mentor mode, I want to be a woman who has wise answers, especially concerning hard topics.  I want to have more than canned Christian answers.  I want to say 'I don't know' less often.   And, at 41, I feel no need to impress younger women with my use of slang.  So...I'm skipping around through this topical book which I'd highly recommend.

Next up on my reading list......

My friends keep telling me to read it.  My kids keep telling me to read it.  So...I'm gonna read it.

Finally, on the topic of marriage and family, one of my biggest areas of advice for young marrieds is to learn about GREIF.  Life is full of it, and will be full of it for your spouse and children as well.  Learning to grieve well is one of the healthiest things you could ever do -- and allow your family members to do as well.  Plus, it's C.S. Lewis.  :)

As always, I'd love to hear what you've read in 2015 that was meaningful to you and why it was meaningful.  Lots of your favorites end up on my side table and bless me - so share away!

Many blessings,