Sunday, July 12, 2009

For the sake of my children

Since we were both out of bed by three am, we dressed and went down to the breakfast buffet. It was really good....fried rice, noodles, pastry....Panda Express stuff. Daddy even tried a milk steamed bisquit. It doesn't sound brave, but it looked raw so you would have been very surprised. We met our travel group (all of whom we really like) and headed to tour the city. We seen Tian'am Square, the Forbidden City, a Silk Shop and rode a rickshaw through the Hou'ton. I probably spelled all those words wrong, but I'm very tired! It was very hot (like Florida), but smelly. There are so many people here that you are always surrounded by more people than are at Disney World! You'd hate it. The funniest thing was our dinner. It was "local" -- loud, live animals running around, dirty, crowded, squatty pottys -- your basic funny nightmare. Dad volunteered to get his dinner first. It looked fine enough -- noodles and veggies -- then they dumped a bowl of black, sticky, gunky stuff on top. You should have seen dads face! It was hysterical. We'd love a Red Robin hamburger right about now.

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  1. i'm home & totally blog stalking you! love hearing about your excellent adventure!