Saturday, July 25, 2009

It's a brand new day...

So...what do you do when you arrive home after being gone for 16 days...around the world...on a profound adventure? I cleaned the nobs on my stove, washed my hair and gave Hosanna a pedicure -- slowly paying attention to things I'd neglected and beginning to reconnect to a life that now looks so different with a 2 year old! It's a brand new day.

China was many things. It was most definately an internet communication nightmare! The government was blocking facebook, blogspot and a variety of other important social networks! Sheesh! I will therefore slowly process my thoughts and download by blogging about our time there and uploading pics.....soon.....really.....if I can get over the get lag!

In the meantime, and thanks to so many people, Eli is doing great.....a little shocked I think to discover once returning home that he wasn't an only child. He has a forever family. Here we go again.


  1. no way-- they blocked blogger too??? that's never happened-- would love to get together:) we is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait to go back!

  2. Emily,

    No one in our travel group could get on blogger. "You Belong" would come though, however. We heard they were blocking Google the weeks before we came, but not while we were there. It must change from time to time. Those in our group who rented Panda Phones couldn't get them to work. We had a SIM card for our T-Mobile phone, but it required special permission from T-Mobile to turn it on -- and they never gave it in the 16 days we were there. Skype worked well for everyone.

    When do you expect to go back?

    My jet lag is killing me. I sleep deeply during "nap" time each day -- have a very hard time getting up, but can't sleep at night. I hope it wears off soon!