Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How to have the PERFECT Family Fun Day...

Sleep until 11:30 am - with no place to go, no feeling like anything really needs to be done.  And, you don't really care if it does need to be done --  you're no amateur at this.  You are quick to realize routines and responsibilities will come soon enough.  "Days off" are a rarity.

Perfect husband asks, "What can we do today all together"?  He knows he's speaking you're love language.

It's tempting to reply, "How's about we strip the curling wallpaper in the front bathroom"?  But, you don't think that's what he's got in mind.  Besides, the words of your grandmother ring true in your head, "Those things will be there long after I'm gone.  Let's visit".  Who cares about wallpaper?  (Admittedly, you do, but it isn't urgent...not today.)

You wander out into the living room.  Amazingly enough, all 5 kids are HOME and after you deliberately use the 3 magic words, Shopping/Movie/Food, they are all whole heartedly invested in to the trip.  Awesome.

Suddenly, you remember that above mentioned Grandmother sent $200 as a family Christmas gift.  Even better, the day will be FREE.

Family of 7 takes the Denver Mall by storm -- specifically Forever 21 -- where everyone will happily spend gift card after gift card (even mom gets a sweater and 2 scarves).

Next, head to The Movie Tavern to see Parental Guidance.  You allow yourself to be convinced by the 5 children that this is a "chick flick" and switch to Jack Reacher.

Order bugers, fries, pizza's, popcorn and Monte Cristos -- and 7 waters (because even when it's on Grandma, you all recognize $3.50 for a soda is a rip off).

Leave and discover the Hot Sign is on.  Doughnuts follow.

Head home listening to Adventures in Oddessy.

Everyone offers a hearty "Thanks Mom".

Smiles all around.


Every mom of a large family, or perhaps just every mom, lives for the days, because they are rare, when all her family -- all 7 members -- are happy, delighted AT THE SAME TIME.

I am thankful for such days.

Happy New Year's Everyone!!!