Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Maybe I've gone crazy...

I have no time to be "blogging" but know if I don't jot down my thoughts, I won't remember them. My "expectation" for this day was that I'd have all the bags packed...YESTERDAY. Last night we'd have a nice family dinner out and today we spend time doing "fun" things with our children. Not so much. I wasn't packed. We had a dinner out...but were all tired and grouchy. Today, we made a quick doughnut run and have been working hard at getting everything together ever since. My neighbor came over to check on me. She occassionally knocks on my door, unannounced, and asks to see how I'm doing. This is a very southern thing -- even though she claims to be a yankee. Billy regularly tells people that I need someone popping in and checking on me...and it's true. I like it.

I said to my neighbor, "Colleen, I can't believe how stressed I am. I'm going to leave my house in a wreck and my kids are getting on my last nerve!" She says very sweetly, "Oh, that is a gift from God to you." I say, "How?" She says, "Well, Shanna, three days ago you were crying about how you couldn't leave your four children -- and now -- you're ready to dump them at your in-laws and hit the road!". Deep wisdom.

It's hard to believe how many people have helped us up to this point. It takes an army to raise a Ramsdell. ;)


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  1. that is soooooo true!!! Our first time leaving-- the day before we left i was ready to sell my kids-- and i totally believe it helped me get out the door- (though i still cried) leaving them is THE hardest part of the trip!