Sunday, April 6, 2014

My Take on Protein Powder - Weight Loss, Muscle Gain

A few months ago, my children and I joined with a local ministry to pack meals for over seas orphans.  We were all assigned stations.  Eli's station?  WHEY PROTEIN.  One giant scoop per bag.

Upon hearing of his duties, my youngest responded excitedly, "Protein!  Oh wow!  My mom LOVES protein!"

Well, ok, I guess I have talked about protein a lot during the last year.

A lot.

Fair enough.

The focus of my diet is pretty simple.

60 grams of protein a day in 5 meals, and at least 60 oz of fluids.

Next, add in healthy fats, veggies, and carbs -- in that order -- and there ya go.

I have found a daily protein shake is INVALUABLE at helping me accomplish BOTH of these goals. ESPECIALLY on days where I'm busy at work, times I may get running behind with 5 kids, when I need something quick and on the go, or if I'm just to tired from said busy work day to cook dinner.  Oh wait, that's EVERY DAY.  So, I just know that about myself.  I plan for it.  A protein shake.  At least once a day, every day.


8 oz. Almond milk 

1 serving Vanilla Muscle Gain Protein Powder

1 cup frozen dark unsweetened cherries 

2 oz. fat-free cream cheese 

2 dashes ground cinnamon 

Optional ice cubes


When it comes to selecting a protein powder, there can be many things to consider, but there are 2 BASIC differences.  There are STRICT protein powders, and there are those which include fat and carbohydrates usually labeled MEAL REPLACEMENTS.

A strict protein powder will contain 20-25 grams of protein per serving.  It will be very low in fat, carbohydrates and sugar.  It will be lower in calories than MEAL REPLACEMENTS as well.  Whereas it MAY contain some added vitamins and minerals, the assumption here, is that you will getting the bulk of those things from the VARIETY found in your regular diet.

MEAL REPLACEMENTS are just that.  Intended to replace a meal.  They should be high in protein and will have more calories, fat and carbs.  Most will have a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals.  They will also mix up thicker than plain protein.


8oz of Almond or Dairy Milk
1 frozen Banana
1 serving Chocolate Muscle Gain Protein Powder
1 Tbs PB2 Powder
Top with crushed Nuts, optional

CURRENTLY, I personally prefer a strict protein powder.  I like that it mixes up thinner than meal replacements and that it's SOOOOOO versatile.  It forces me to think about VARIETY in my diet and allows me to be creative!

Over the past year, I've tried MANY brands of both MEAL REPLACEMENTS and PROTEIN POWDERS.  I've bought products from Sam's, G.N.C., Whole Foods, Vitamin Cottage, and some specifically made for bariatric patients.  My current favorite, for lots of reasons, is this...

Besides the fact that the packaging makes me feel like an Olympic athlete, I like it mostly for...


I can mix it up THIN in my morning coffee.  In fact, this is my current favorite way to use it...


8oz strong coffee
1 scoop Vanilla or Chocolate Muscle Gain Protein Powder
2 TBS Coffee Creamer of Choice
Whipped Cream, Optional


My daughter and I also enjoy starting our day this way as well...


1 1/2 cups frozen fruit
1 scoop Vanilla Muscle Gain Protein Powder
Enough liquid (milk, water, juice) to blend

So.  Good.

As I've been working with my mentor, Holly, on my own health, nutrition and exercise regimen -- I've come to deeply believe in the concept of putting QUALITY things into my body.  CHOOSING HIGH QUALITY NUTRITION  like MUSCLE GAIN, is the basis for everything my body does.  HIGH QUALITY PROTEIN gives me an easy, simple way to fuel my body -- and certainly helps my body as well as my mind function just the way God intended them too -- to think clearly, to be alert, to burn calories, increase in strength, and to maintain a healthy weight.

Working for AdvoCare, a health and wellness, weight management, vibrant energy and sports performance company is a dream come true for me.  Getting my certifications in personal training and nutrition -- are the icing on the cake.  I have imagined for a long time, that I would be that sitting down with others who are just as distraught and beaten down as I was 100 pounds ago -- helping them take their next step, and then the next, and then the NEXT in their own wellness journey, as unique as it may be.

If you are interested in purchasing some MUSCLE GAIN, or hearing about the other supplements, energy drinks, etc my family uses, this is my official, personal invitation for you to call or email us.  Billy is a long time athlete, basketball coach and sport performance person.  Either of us would love to share with you all the information we've gathered as well as the products and strategies our real family is using in the context of our real life to sleep better, be stronger, thinner, and all around healthier.

Coming soon...Website, 24 Day Challenge Group (where you can join us in a cleanse that will jump start your weight loss), a FIRST TIMERS GROUP for hiking the MANITOU INCLINE, HIKING A 14'er, RUNNING A 5K, and DOING A MUD RUN (join me on MY FIRST -- and don't make me do it alone), and a tutorial on overall body composition (yes, at this point in my own journey I'm going to take my body fat vs muscle measurements -- and make a push to increase one and decrease the other.  Can you guess?  Haha)

We hope you'll join us.  We really do.  Life should be more about what you CAN do -- not so much about what you CAN'T DO.

Many blessings,


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