Monday, April 21, 2014

Creating the Space and Time YOU Need...

My last nutrition appointment before surgery went something like this...

Nutritionist takes an hour to recap EVERY.  SINGLE.  DETAIL.  OF.  DIETARY.  CHANGE.  THAT.  AWAITS.  ME.  FOR.  THE.  1,000TH.  TIME.

Then, she looks at me and says in a challenging voice, "So, tell me.  How you are going to make this happen with 5 children, a husband with a busy career and a business?"

I look her in the eyes and say tentatively, "Well, I guess that for the next couple of months I'm going to JUST WORRY ABOUT MYSELF and tell my family their own their own."

She looks at me very seriously, leans in and says distinctly, "That is EXACTLY what you're going to have to do."

Then, she looks at Billy.

"Do you understand this"?  She says to him.  "This TIME is life or death for her."

Life or death.

This gift of time given to myself by myself = the difference between life and death.

I've since considered this revelation a gift.  A precious, AMAZING, LIFE GIVING gift.

When you are young, you can do a lot of things to your own body and get away with it.  But eventually, youth alone no longer sustains you.  Our choices take their toll.  Our neglect of ourselves can take it's toll.

I often say to people the single greatest gift that surgery afforded me was TIME.  It forced me to take the time to focus on myself.  My needs.  My diet.  My workout routine.  My healing.  I focused on it even with 5 children, a business and a husband with a busy career.  I had been a constant caregiver for 18 years.  This gift of time = the difference between life and death for me.  I took that as a Word from Heaven for me.  And, eventually I was able to add my regular life back in around my healthier life style habits.

And, I say even now with tears -- I've never been so grateful.

On May 12th, we will be hosting a 24 Day Challenge with the health and wellness company, Advocare on facebook.  The challenge includes a consult with a nutritionist and personal trainer to discuss your goals (from extreme weight loss to muscle gain...from an increased energy level to stronger mental focus...).  You will hand pick a customized bundle of supplements to CLEANSE your body and MAXIMIZE it's God given potential to do everything it was originally created to do.

You will be encouraged to carve out 24 days in a row, where YOU mostly focus on YOU.  On listening to what YOUR body needs, what YOUR heart and YOUR emotions need.  I'll remind you not to feel guilty about it.  For this gift of time, might equal life or death for you.

When you sign up, you'll get meal plan lists, so that you can shop and prepare in advance. You'll get the daily schedule in enough time to allow you to set reminders on your phone.  And, when we start, you'll get an online community of real life people who are doing this along side of you.

I plan to write more later about the CLEANSE phase specifically.  When my body detoxed, I was all of a sudden able to think clearly about my food choices.  No longer did carbs call my name so loudly that it forced my feet to walk into the kitchen to eat a pop tart.  Infact, today, IF I even had pop tarts in my house they would call my name so faintly I'd hardly know they are there.  Cleansing your body matters.

In the meantime, if you'd like to know more about the Challenge, please view this video.  And, if you are interested in joining me and Billy, please let me know.  We will be doing it right along side of you.

Here's too feeling good!  To having more energy than ever and being able to think clearly about your diet choices.

Many Blessings,

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