Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lest it all seem too perfect...

So, today was the day.

I couldn't manage a whole Wednesday off work, so I instead took both the morning AND the evening.

Which of course meant having a sick child who needed to be seen by the doctor first thing.

Finally done, around 11 am, I text B, "Going up in to the mountains.  For Solitude.  To pray.  Seek God.  Build an altar...plant a know...stuff like Abraham did."

He text back, "Yea, well don't get your arm stuck in a rock."  A reference to 127 hours where the hiker cuts his own arm off to save his life.

Fortunately, it was a GREAT morning.


As I came back down the pass to enjoy the rest of my time  -- the radiator hose blew.


B came to the rescue just as the heavy snow started. 

Snowflakes as big as my head. 

The car was so hot, we decided it would be best to abandon the rest of my plan, drop me at the school to teach a 1 hour class and come back for the car later.

It was around 6pm when we got back -- so dinner at the gas station it was.

For me, a small bag of cashews, and a decaf coffee.

For B,  Muscle Milk.

And...wait for it...for Eli...Air Heads and Sprite.

B looking into the car, "The problem is bigger than I thought.  I'm gonna drive it home."


I've learned that when it comes to car fixing, and when B gets into his "D" (Driver) mode -- it's best for our marriage to just go with his plan -- no matter how insane.

I mean, we could have called the tow truck driver.  After all, we haven't seen him since....


When the starter on B's car died.

Eye roll.

Fortunately, we made it home.

Forgive us if we are in bed asleep by 7.  After all, it is my day off.  :)


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