Monday, June 8, 2009

Watch Out China, the Ramsdell's are on their way!!!

Today, we got a phone call from the adoption agency. They have our Travel Approval in hand!!! They would like us to fly out on June 24th, but we've found ourselves in need of delaying just a bit. So, barring any problems with our appointment at the U.S. Consulate, we will fly out July 8th and be gone for 16 days!

We are surrounded by lots of people in various stages of adoption right now. Many times it has felt like we were fighting on behalf of our little boys destiny -- trying to get him home. My friend Jamie (a fellow adoptor, courageous and true) said that lots of people think that adoption is all teddy bears and hearts ---- really, it's mostly blood, guts and glory. I'm sure that's what Jesus would say too. I certainly couldn't agree more. Tonight, I find myself with renewed energy to fight awhile longer to bring Eli home.

Count down to China......30 days.......

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  1. thanks, Shanna! So exited for you guys. My hubby woke me up this morning and said "i had a weird dream that i came home from work & you were eating donuts, so i went out and got Krispy Kreme". i almost started crying because of your comment on my blog about eating donuts when we come home from Ethiopia! and the weird thing...we don't have a krispy kreme here, so strange that dean would dream that. i told him that we'll see if his dream is prophetic:) or if we have to stone him later.