Monday, June 15, 2009

The Father's Heart - SPREAD THE WORD

Billy Here --

Hello everyone, as we prepare to journey accross the big ocean, please help us by doing a few things.

1. Spread the word about the blog. If you know others who know us, let them know about our journey and send them the link. The love we feel for Eli and other Orphans is contageous.

2. Pray for us. We need intercessors to stand in the gab for us over the next month and 1/2. We will be sending our daughter to Germany this weekend then preparing to leave for China over the next few weeks. There are many exciting and demanding things going on in the RamFam so please pray for our Protection, Energy, Health/Safety, Finances and Wisdom to make the adoption work for Eli and glorify God along the way.

3. Check us out on Facebook as well. Shanna is up to date and I am not, but we will keep some version of pictures and updates posted.

I have a longer blog for later, but for now, thanks for your support and love.

The Father's Heart,
Billy Ramsdell

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