Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good grief, but it is well....

I imagined this weekend going differently in my mind. Friday night we were home grilling hamburgers, I was watering plants and the kids were happily engaged with one another on the tramp. We were planning a fun weekend, a last hurrah so to speak before we got busy packing for China next week --- a day at the lake on Saturday with a paddle boat, and Sunday at Six Flags with good friends.

Accidents of course aren't planned and by their very nature change the coure of a particular moment. In an instance, our 12 year old jumped up (doing the most beautiful straddle on the planet) and came down sideways on her foot. She had the most terrified look on her face I've yet to see in one of my children and when she called my name I turned to see her foot very misplaced and flopping like a wet noodle. Doing what I do best in ER situations, I yelled for Billy. Doing what he does bes, 20 minutes later we were at the Emergency Room.

It's notable at this point to say that my 12 year old, whom I believe has the gift of intercession, prayed -- loudly -- over herself the entire car ride.....she thanked God that he was with her, that the ER was going to process her quickly, Dr's had supernatural wisdom etc. We've tried to teach our children than nothing has the power to save but the name of Jesus. We took some comfort in the fact that this lesson seemed to be sinking in. Infact, by the time we arrived in the parking lot, Victoria was calling angels to Hosanna's side and Ben was rebuking pain. "I think they've got it handled," Billy said.

In moments Hosanna was splinted, X-rayed, diagnosised and admitted to the hospital. "You've somehow gotten the best surgeon on the floor," her nurse said, "He just happened to be here."

We are heading to China in 10 days. We have summer plans. Hosanna has summer plans. I just got her father out of a brace, done with PT and off crutches for goodness sake. No one likes the thought of their child being put to sleep for surgery.

About midnight, Hosanna is settled in her hospital room (anxious, tearful and prayerful) and as comfortable as she's gonna get for the evening. Billy's decided to sleep by her side and I'm driving home to pick up Ben and Victoria -- situate them -- and be back at the hospital in the am before Hosanna goes back for the procedure. By this time, I'm tired, I'm worshipping to Chris Tomlin's "All my Hope is in You", feeling the ground rumble beneath our feet (in the emotional sense), pondering how we are on the right track, and thinking about who I can bless - what I can give - to knock the devil up side his head. Billy calls around 1am. We contemplate how we have 1 child in Germany, 1 child in China, 1 child in the hospital and 2 asleep in our bed --- maybe we are a litte over extended.

None of us really slept, but made it to the hospital just fine in the am. I look at my tearful child and attempt to speak courage into her heart, reminding her that God had answered everyone of her prayers to this point -- and these are the times where our faith really matters. I know she's grieving the loss of her summer dance and athletic programs already - I can hear it in her words. We decide to let Satan know that he will steal nothing from Hosanna, not a single good work that God has planned in advance for her. We remind Hosanna that dance and the teams she's on at New Life belong to the Lord; He'll provide wisdom.

Today, after surgery, we are safely at home. Our daughter, who is quickly growing into a beautiful, Godly young woman, is downstairs doing her Girl Time Biblestudy. She's a hardworker and will do fine with PT, making a full recovery I'm sure. Another surgery is in her all too soon future -- but she has a new level of courage -- and we've met our insurance deductible for the year!

Lots of people question how we are able to do all we do. We are hardworkers, but the truth is -- we simply have lots of help. Billys parents function as VIP's in our kids life -- and most of time it takes us, them and a few friends to run things around here. We are thankful for their help and that of good friends who without hesitation jump up and live this life with us.

God does not fail...all is well...

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