Sunday, June 21, 2009

Thoughts on sending my child 1/2 way across the world....

This morning at 6am Billy helped drive our oldest daughter, Elizabeth Joy, and 29 other New Lifers to the Denver International Airport. I was secretly thrilled when they asked if Billy would drive them. I just felt better knowing her father would see her off as far as he could.

She couldn't be more excited. She enjoys hard work and being a member of a team. She is a leader and likes to push herself. She thives on adventure. Lizzie's extroverted, friendly nature makes her easy to get along with, and a friend to everyone. God's favor on her life opens doors for her. She talks about becoming a missionary. Her words were, "Mom, I just like the idea that the entire job is about growing the kingdom of God." I quietly think, "Whose child is this?"

I couldn't be more nostalgic. Yesterday, we looked at Elizabeth's baby pics as a matter of fact. I remember being pregnant with her like it was all too recent. Billy and I were only married about 5 months when I took the test. Positive. He was at work -- making pizzas -- about 30 miles away. So naturally, the first person I told was a close college girlfriend. We immediately drove to surprise Billy with the tinest pair of athletic socks the world had ever seen. This was Billy and I's "signal". It was a Friday night -- and Pizza Hut was slammed. I'm not sure Billy could even make it out of the kitchen, but somehow I got the point across.

On June 22, 1995 (14 years ago, today) -- at 12:30pm -- Elizabeth Joy Ramsdell entered the world. She's been on the go ever since.

For 9 months we had prayed for a name. We believed that God saw this child and her future. We believed that God knew what He had to say about her -- and her name would be a sign, a source of faith, a vision for God's origional purpose for her life. It would reflect the way He saw her. Elizabeth means 'Consecreated and Set Apart for the Lord'. For the past 14 years we've prayed and reminded ourselves, her, Heaven and hell that she was created for God's purpose and plan...she is set do that which God would have her do. She is a "joy" to her Heavenly Father, us and others. We believe God is opening doors for her to bring joy to the impoverished around the world as well.

I've always had a suspicion that one day, her name (consecrated and set apart to the Lord) was going to have to mean something to me as a mother as well. So today, I open my own heart and mind up to what God is calling my daughter to do. I release her to accomplish the good work God has planned in advance. I also smile, bc in a very little while, I'll call her dad's cell -- just to make sure he got her on the plane safely. We'll continue to hold her hand and walk beside her as long as we can. ;)

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