Saturday, March 29, 2014

{Lessons from Spring Break Day 4} - Scheduling Family Time


Why can't I get this  right?  I mean seriously.

I've tried Quinoa a couple of times now.  

This was "plain".  I cooked it for 12 minutes exactly then let it set off heat for another 5.

The texture seemed right.

And, still...


I've enjoyed this as a savory dinner food, but sweet - for breakfast - it was GrOsS.

I like Oatmeal 1,974,209,234,234,487,456 times better.

I'm not giving up on this one however -- so if you have a recipe you like, do share!


We've had so much QUIET this week, I thought we should try to fit in at least one, loud, obnoxious FAMILY ACTIVITY.  When you have a family of 7, it's not always easy to get everyone together.  I mean, it used to be.  When our kids were all little, we could have friends over for dinner on a Thursday night.  We could have dinner on the table early and do family movie night on a Tuesday.  But as they all got older, got cars and jobs -- it got trickier.

When Elizabeth moved into Jr High School -- and subsequently got more involved with extra curricular activities and with various groups of people, I mentioned to a friend that getting all my family together on one night seemed impossible.  I am a "Quality Time" love language person -- and when I go long periods of time without seeing my kids or my husband, I feel "off".  And, by "long periods of time" I mean a matter of a few days.  

My friend suggested that it might be time to start "scheduling" family time, vs waiting for the moment to just happen as it had in years past. She suggested I simply put a date on the calendar for a couple of days away and give everyone notice.  


Make no mistake about it.  Sometimes, I require the help of others to think of the most simple ideas. Birthing 5 kids does that too you.  That and a lack of caffeine.

So, we decided to do this...

I won.  Except the opposite of that.

Today, I also read this to Eli....

Have you read it?  It's DELIGHTFUL.  I can't believe I haven't heard of it until now! 

Miss Rumphius is charged with making the world "more beautiful".  So, she carries flower seeds in her pocket and scatters them everywhere she goes.  Wonderful I tell you.  I think it's based on a true story.  At least, I hope it is.

We also read selections from ...

We ended our day by enjoying an adults only dinner with our inlaws.

It became an "adults only" experience when child #C and#D decided to make the world a more miserable place and started arguing with each other.  Again.

Sad for them.  Splendid  for me.  

Spring Break is almost over!  But only 9 more weeks until summer!  Almost time to make my Summer Play List!  Counting down!


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