Friday, March 28, 2014

{Lessons from Spring Break Day 3} - Inspiration, Positive and Relaxed Doesn't Just Happen

HEALTHY BREAKFAST DAY #3 was based on this picture...

Except I had no blueberries, and no avocado...

So, I did a bed of slightly sauteed spinach, chicken, strawberries and goat cheese.  All with a drizzle of Light Raspberry Vinaigrette.

And, for the first time all week...breakfast was VERY tasty!

Obviously, this dish also works for lunch and dinner.

On that note, to those of you trying to get VARIETY, don't be afraid to eat "lunch" and "dinner" foods at breakfast.  It works.

If you have left over meat for instance (roast or pork in particular), I like to saute onions and green peppers -- add the meat and some mozzarella to the saute and wal-lah!  A Philly Cheese Steak Bowl.

That's a freebie.  :)

Today everyone was gone.  A TOTALLY quiet house.  For 6 straight hours.  This never happens.  Ever.

Billy had an important meeting planned this evening and decided to disappear into the mountains.  To pray. To hike.  To sweat.  To fast.  To seek God. 

By 5:30, he needed to be focused and in inspirational mode.  And just so you know, FOCUSED and INSPIRATIONAL (as well as POSITIVE and RELAXED) -- doesn't always just happen around here.  

We believe in presenting ourselves to others -- truthfully.  As true as we can.  

And, presenting true in situations that may also involve stress, or a feeling of pressure (a job interview, a speaking engagement, landing a new client, reconciliation) -- sometimes involves more for us than just preparing notes on a page. 

In B's case it often involves a trip to the mountains.  To pray.  To hike.  To sweat.  To fast.  To seek God.

In my case, it involved being in a quiet house.  For 6 straight hours.  

Time.  To.  Think.

It also involved a 20 minutes Pilates DVD and an At Home Crossfit Workout.

This one in particular...

Body weight exercises should not be underestimated apparently.


And, that's all I'll say about that.

Anyhow...are you in a situation that requires you to be at your best?  Take the time you need.  Get up right now and PUT THE TIME ON YOUR SCHEDULE.

Feed your body what it needs.  



Then, Go. 

And present yourself true.

Many blessings friends,

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