Thursday, March 27, 2014

{Lessons from Spring Break, Day 2} - Changing Gears When You Have Too

My mom carries 2 driver's licenses in her wallet.  The EXPIRED one with the CUTE picture.  As well as, the CURRENT one with the NOT-SO-CUTE picture.  No makeup, hair in a pony tail, not smiling. Basically, what ALL my driver's license pictures have always looked like and probably yours as well.

When the clerk at the grocery store asks my mother to "see her license" she pulls out the one...

You guessed it.

...with the cute picture.

No point.  That's just funny.


My license expired in January.  Of course, how often does a person pay attention to that?  So...I just found this out last week trying to make a deposit at the bank.

Teller, "Are you aware that your license has expired"?

Me, "Is anyone EVER aware that their license has expired"?

Truthfully, I've never lived at one address long enough for anything to expire.

I made an appointment at the DMV.  The large one.  WAY down Union Blvd.  Where ALL the grouchy people in Colorado seem to be gathered at on any given day.

You know the only thing WORSE than having to be up early on the second day of Spring Break for an appointment at the DMV?

It is getting to said DMV only to discover your appointment was schedule for the DAY BEFORE.

DMV Lady, "You can take a number.  It's a 4 hour wait."

No.  I.  Can't.  Thanks.  Anyways.

Changing Gears.

You know what...

Over the past few years, I've worked hard at being able to "change gears" -- in my mind, in my plan, in my emotions.  I am seeing the fruit of that work -- and freedom is a glorious thing!


I gave myself one whole minute in the car to be annoyed at the mishap, then disciplined my mind to START THE DAY OVER.  My emotions follow suit.  This is a GOOD thing.  A very good thing.

Home to this...

Enter:  Cantaloupe Protein Shake


And still, a NO GO ON THAT.

I'll blame pinterest.  Yea, pinterest fail.  

I LOVE blending frozen fruit in my Ninja -- and with just a little bit of liquid (water, milk, juice), it's just like Sorbet.

I LOVE blending frozen cantaloupe.  

I DID NOT however like the taste of the vanilla protein mix added in.

So, on this one, I recommend getting your protein from another source and just eating the blended fruit as a snack.  It's awesome that way.  Like summer in your mouth.

After cleaning up, I grabbed my man child and headed out for a hair cut.  

Once our hair looked awesome again, I decided to run into the DMV on Research (as B suggested to me 100 times.  And I had ignored him 100 times.).

With no appointment, I was doubtful, but the nice lady informed me the wait would only be 10 minutes or so.  10 minutes?!?!  Only 10 minutes?!?!?!  Wait?  What?

I'll never doubt B again.

New Driver's License Acquired - check!

Now, it's 12 noon and since 1/2 my day was spent with less than perfect Spring Break activities already -- I decided to just dedicate the rest of the day to my work list.  I mean, instead of spread my "have too" chores and errands out over the whole week -- I decided to cram them into 1 or 2 days -- so a higher percentage of the other days could be filled with more "appropriate" Spring Break activities.  Like blogging and doing nothing.

So, the rest of my afternoon was spent picking kids up, going to football practice, carpooling to slumber parties, picking up groceries, lesson plans, April budget meetings for work and home, invoices, the mall and reading with Eli.

Hey, it's not always a party around here.

And, when it's not, 2 things work for me.

1.  The mental discipline to "start my day over" at any given moment.  Shifting gears, turning a corner, being flexible -- these are freedom gifts.  And, they haven't come easily for me.


2.  Getting a lot of "have toos" out of the way early -- so that I can have more time for "want toos".  Then making sure I ignore the "should dos" and prioritize the "want toos".  :)

This evening I did manage to fit in a trail hike with Billy.  Where we solved all the worlds problems in 65 minutes.

Listen, if you have a spouse that can help you solve all the world's problems in 65 minutes, be grateful.  Just be very grateful.

Then, another Bubble Bath, Summer Hits of the 80's and the movie Gravity.

Did you guys see that on the IMAX?  I hope not.  My head was spinning just watching it at home.

Would love to hear about your Spring Break plans...and see your ugly driver's license pictures!  Haha

Many blessings,


  1. I like your mom. I have my last cute driver's license too, although it's getting REALLY old. I am going to start accidentally showing it. "Whoops!" I'll say, acting surprised... "that old thing again..." Then I'll keep my thumb over the current pic and see if that works.