Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get Your Hopes Up

In honor of National Happiness Day, I'm gonna share with you one of my best tips for boosting your happy-o-meter.

Are you ready?

Here it is.


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You say something like, "I have a GREAT job interview planned for NEXT week, BUT I'm NOT GOING TO GET MY HOPES UP ABOUT IT."

I suggest that when you say this -- you've ALREADY gotten your hopes up.  At least you've ALREADY decided what you want.

Delaying HOPING does not change the outcome.  It also does not make you any less disappointed if what you want to happen doesn't.

It's like magical thinking.  If I don't get my hopes up, a better outcome is possible.  Wrong.

It just delays you being excited and happy between now and next week.

So, get your hopes up!

In 2013, I got my hopes up about several things.  Here are a few straight off my WHAT I HOPE HAPPENS THIS YEAR LIST:

1.  I want to have gastric bypass surgery and lose 100 lbs.

2.  I want to adopt again OR give to help others adopt

3.  I want to help Elizabeth move into the next stage of her life.

4.  I want my marriage to seem better.  More attention on us.  More fun.

5.  I want to be happier

6.  I want to read more

7.  I want to make more progress in the organization of our finances and careers

          Billy as Sr Pastor at a church

         Shanna's business grows

         Payed off college loans

         Fully funded EMERGENCY fund

         Get into the house we want to be in and pay it off

          saving regularly for retirement

Some of it happened.  Some of it didn't.  BUT I LET MY HOPES SOAR ON ALL ACCOUNTS.  I didn't avoid disappointment -- of course THAT wasn't on the list.  Avoiding disappointment wasn't the goal.  But I did experience more happiness in the moments that made up each of my days -- the days that made up my year.

You can too.

What are you getting your hopes up for?

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