Thursday, November 21, 2013

This Post is NOT about Billy...

This isn't about Billy.

It's about other things...

This week, Victoria came home and told me she was in trouble at school for "cheating". 


Victoria is a freakin genius kid.  She doesn't need to cheat.

The story goes like this...

During a math test, "Not-so-Smart" kid kept looking on Victoria's paper.  Victoria could tell the girl was doing this...over...and over...and over...

Near the end of the test, Victoria's passive aggressive levels reached their peak and she turned suddenly on the girl and snapped in a LOUD voice, "You have to put that last problem in scientific notation for the answer to be right!"

She's not related to me AT ALL.

The teacher immediately corrected her for "helping" the other student.  Of course Victoria wasn't aware that she was on purpose providing any real "help" -- but she's so tired from the past 2 weeks of family insanity that she was all like WHATEVER.

Teacher calls me to discuss the "cheating incident."

He explains how the other girl "confessed".  Explained Victoria's "over the top" reaction.

I say to Mr. Teacher, "I'm not sure why she had such an over the top reaction.  Under normal circumstances, I would have instructed Victoria to turn to the girl MUCH EARLIER and yell out STOP CHEATING OFF MY PAPER YOU TWO TIMING MATAHARI (to quote George Banks)!  But, Mr. Teacher, we are not in normal circumstances right now, and I don't care that much about being a good parent.  So, I'll leave the consequences up to your discretion."

He was speechless and I felt satisfied with that.

He muttered a few other things I don't remember, finally just dismissed himself....and hung up.

I know I was just being a brat...

A brat who actually didn't have the capacity to handle the situation any differently at the moment and besides Victoria had already kinda "handle it" to my satisfaction -- but bratty none-the-less.


Today, I went on Obama's health insurance website.

Anyone else looked at it?

I text my sister and say, "Every time I click the 'shop now' button, nothing happens!  Obama is probably downloading spyware into my computer as I speak."

Allison, "Shanna, it's like a MAJOR story right now that the website doesn't work."

Me, "He has unlimited resources and a boat load of smart people at his disposable just sitting around thinking crap up -- and they can't get the 'shop now' button to work?  Ok, I'll call them."

Me, "There are 29 callers ahead of me.  I hung up.  Maybe we'll revisit the idea of this on Dec 31st".

Allison, "Open enrollment ends on Dec 7.  There are entire hospitals and doctors opting out, so I'd give your providers a call first.  Or just rent a movie and look on Pinterest."

Sounds good.


Today, I informed myself that it is ok for my joy to come back.  It's ok for my brain to turn back on.

It's definitely ok for me to shower and wash my hair.

In general, it's ok.

I'm going to stop eating rice cakes now, and get back to good nutrition and exercise.

And, that's all I wanted to say...


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