Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2 Weeks Later...

I really, really wanted to start this blog out with a step by step tutorial on how to fry chicken.

Or with a picture of my next pallet art design.

Or maybe do an update of how much weight I've lost while eating nothing but Smart Food Popcorn, Rice Cakes and Skim Milk for 4 days.  (The bag said "Smart" -- I got confused).


The thought made me laugh.

Since B has gotten sick, my blog has been read THOUSANDS of times more than normal.

And, well, I just thought it would be a funny trick to play on all my new male readers...

Logging in to check on Billy...

Having to read about my newest painting endeavor...

I think I have ICU delirium.


When I was 9 months pregnant with Elizabeth Joy, Billy took a second job cleaning parking lots at night. 

He managed a Christian Bookstore during the day -- and cleaned parking lots ALL night.  He literally had to run to finish before the sun came up.

I felt sorry for him.

Soooooo, one night I decided to ride with him.

9 months pregnant.

In a Mitsubishi Mirage.

Going into bars at 3am to go to the bathroom -- because what else is open at 3am?

Basically, I just made us both miserable.

That's EXACTLY what it was like to spend night #12 in the hospital with Billy!


By morning, we were both hallucinating.


Apparently, the following things give me Post Traumatic Stress...

Beeping monitors, nurses, blogging, helicopter rides, text messages, going to work, headaches, being bossed around by Billy, Benign Subarachnoid Hemorrhages, and Duck Dynasty beards.


When the doctor asked if we were ready to go home, I was concerned to say the least.

Billy's pain is VERY serious.  He sleeps MAYBE 3 hours at a time, and has nightmares so intense he wakes up sweating.

He has 2 - 3 hours of "feel good" each day right now -- and he's fought with all his might for that!

Addressing my concerns, the doctor reminded me that the trauma in Billy's brain had occurred 13 days ago. 

The bleeding had stopped and no new bleeding, stroke, etc etc etc had occurred and that they infact knew this because they had looked at his brain from every conceivable angle every day since.

Again, the pain is due to blood in the spinal fluid and it will take several weeks (4-6 to reabsorb into his body).  As the blood reabsorbs, the pain will go away.

Billy takes 3 different narcotics --  the kind they keep in time lapsed safes and you have to show your ID to purchase.  He is dopey, drugged, sleepy, non functioning and STILL IN PAIN.

I am ready for PAIN to GET.  OUT.  OF.  MY.  HOUSE.


I have let Billy back on facebook.  During those few "good" hours he tries to make phone calls, reconnect with the world -- but it's all laborious for him.

I can't even say how tired all 7 of us are....

For people who like living fast...being forced to live in slow motion...has just drained us in every way possible!

We are praying that the blood would reabsorb QUICKLY, that the pain would go away, we would all have good sleep, and make a full recovery.  Sooner rather than later. 

We are praying for strength to rise.


For each and every act that YOU have done to lighten our load, we can't say thank you enough.


I am very thankful to be living one day at a time, versus one hour at a time.

And that's, #1 on the "no matter how small" list.


We are officially home,

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