Monday, November 18, 2013

Actual Day, 11 - Feels Like Day, 11,234

So, yesterday, I arrived at the ICU, and I just wasn't in the mood to be told what to do.

What can I say?

I had had enough.

I had decided that Billy WOULD get shaved and showered.  And, I was more than willing to go head to head with whoever stood in our way.

It was a simple enough request in my sleep deprived mind.

As I walked in the room, I noticed B's duck dynasty beard was gone.

Me, "I see you've already shaved."

Male Nurse, under his breath, "I wasn't in the mood to die today."

Yea.  Smart of him.

But I wasn't even remotely pacified.

I leaned over, kissed Billy and whispered, "My aggressive side has arrived.  You are fixing to get your shower."

B, under his breath, "What took you so long?"

I stand up and look Male Nurse straight in the eyes.  I say, "He needs a shower."

Male Nurse, looking me straight back in the eyes as if we were playing chicken, "We don't have a shower in the ICU."

Me, "That's a lie.  I know you have a shower."

Male Nurse, not breaking his gaze, "Let's wait and see if he gets transferred today."

Me, determined to win, "How about no.  How about I don't care if I have to get in the shower with him, he gets one now."

Billy, giggling, "Yea, let her get in with me!"

He continues to blab something in-coherent about a conjugal visit.

Still looking eye to eye with the nurse, and not even remotely amused, I say, "Billy shut up."

Nurse, finally ready to give in, says to the orderly, "Get her some towels."



Doctor comes in mid day to let us know that Billy's condition has been down graded enough to allow him to move out of ICU and into a regular room.

Doctor laughing, "I see you have had a shower."

He smiles at me, "That's a story for your blog."

Me to the doctor, "You've heard of my blog?"

Doctor laughs, "No."



Many, MANY people have text me, just to make sure, that we do indeed have health coverage.

I know you "don't want to pry".

So, let me set the record straight once and for all.

OF COURSE WE HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE PEOPLE -- there is no need to host a telethon.

Actually, if you want to host a telethon, go for it.  I wouldn't mind one little bit.


Last night Hosanna drove me home.

Me, "Are we babysitting Michael's dog over the holidays?  It might be therapeutic for our family to have a dog around for a little while."

Hosanna, "Say that again.  It's fixing to be my facebook status."

I know only some of you can appreciate that.


My 14 year old son kisses the top of my head as we get ready to turn in.

Ben, "It's going to be ok mom.  Dad is strong."

And, well, how many 14 year old boys in America today can say, "My dad is strong."

And know that he is strong.  In all the ways that a man can be strong.


Not much change today.





And, well, I'm gonna try to spend the night at the hospital for the first time -- and we're gonna try not to kill one another.

Because we're at the point.

Ya know, Billy's gonna live -- so I just might kill him.


It's just an expression.

We're just ready to blow this joint.


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  1. Sam and I and the District stand beside you 100% and are praying for you. I just read through your complete blog and am contending for the miraculous and for God's healing touch and peace in your life as you go through the daily struggles and daily rejoicings. We love you much!! Sam and De Rockwell (Foursquare, Gateway District)