Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gastric Bypass Surgery Update - 7 months

I am now, 7 months out from my gastric bypass surgery.

The other night, I saw a neighbor in Wal-Mart, whom I hadn't seen in awhile.  She didn't recognize me.

Me to Hosanna, "I don't really consider myself having gotten unrecognizable."  Hosanna, "You are recognizable.  You just look totally different."  :/

Going into it, I really didn't have a big expectation for how much weight I would lose by when...

Frankly, I was just so discouraged.  I was ABSOLUTELY convinced I couldn't do it on my own.  I needed SERIOUS intervention people.  Oddly, I was crazy hopeful as well.  Admitting your need for help and then taking the steps to actually get help -- well -- that can bring hope I've discovered.

Some last words the day before surgery from my surgeon...

"Shanna, you aren't going to die any time soon from your "conditions".  Your blood pressure and diabetes are well controlled.  However, your BMI does qualify you for the surgery.  I think RNY Gastric Bypass is right for you, but if you think you can loose weight in any other way, you should."

"Shanna, the surgery alone will not do it.  You will have to exercise EVERY DAY."

"Shanna, your expectation should be this.  In the first year, you will lose 70% of your "need to lose weight" or 91 lbs...probably."

Needless to say, I've taken it seriously.  And, I am active EVERY DAY.

Eating what I'm suppose to eat -- as dictated by 18 alarms on my cell phone.

And, I am 8 pounds from that 91 pound goal.

83 lbs down.

My next appointment with the surgeon is November 22nd.  I would really LOVE to be another 8 lbs down by then.  But, I won't be greedy.

When it comes to those 8 lbs, it's not a matter of if I "can do it" or not.  Besides, I weigh 5 lbs LESS than Billy.

Truthfully, I can't control the number on the scale.  I can't really control what my body does.  I can't control if I lose 8 lbs by my doctors appointment or not.  So, I focus on what I can control...

I will workout, on purpose -- in the gym -- 4 days a week.  2 days a week, I'll be active in a fun way with my home doing aerobics, hiking, or working with my online personal trainer!  Let's here it for 4 minute Tabatas!  No.

I will eat what I'm suppose to eat -- 60 g of protein, 60 oz of water, trace amounts of fruit, vegetables and grains for variety.

I will prioritize other ways to enjoy life, daily, than just what I put in my mouth.  The music I like?  Beside the CD player.  The candles I like?  Stocked in the kitchen cabinet.  Fuzzy socks?  God help the person who picks up and misplaces my fuzzy socks.  Bubble baths, hot tub evenings, snuggling on Billy while watching a movie, driving to see college kid -- ALL of these things are IMPORTANT for my good health and well being. 

I will learn to "sit with my feelings" - wisdom from my friend Cheryl.  I will pray them through until I (at the very least) know what they are -- and I will learn to TALK.  When I feel anger -- well it's just anger.  It isn't necessary to drown it in sugar.  It will leave on it's on. 

For those wondering how a person with gastric bypass eats -- at least 7 months out -- here's my run down....basically....although I PURPOSE to make each day slightly different for VARIETY'S sake.  Because when I said to the surgeon at 3 months, "I'd be happy to eat yogurt every meal, every day for the rest of my life."  He said back to me, "You won't forever.  Make variety your next goal."

6oz of Vanilla Greek Yogurt with frozen fruit.  (I place 4 or 5 frozen cherries, peaches or black berries in it to thaw the night before...)
Multi Vitamin
12 grams protein

10:30  am
1 oz of whole, raw almonds (about 24)
6 grams protein
Calcium, D3

1:30 pm
2oz shredded pork
2 oz black beans
1 oz cheddar cheese
diced tomato, onion, spinach and avocado
1 t Fat Free Sour Cream
21 grams protein

4:30 pm
Protein Bar (or protein shake with fruit and spinach)
14 gram protein

7:30 pm
2 oz pot roast
diced peppers and onion
green beans
16 grams protein
Multi Vitamin

Total:  66 grams of protein (that's just an example, the amounts may not be exact)

I don't limit carbs.  I try to make my protein requirement a priority.  That limits my carbs.

I don't limit my calories.  Frankly, my body does.  About 1/2 cup is what I can handle at this time.

If I am STILL hungry in the evenings, I eat 1/4 cup of blended, frozen fruit -- or some mini rice cakes. 

Tonight, I ate 1 cookie (with 6 grams of sugar -- which is under my 13 gram limit).  I seldom do this.  I crave proteins, not sweets.  I also don't keep cookies in the house.  Hosanna brought them home.

Frankly, it's a MIRACLE I can eat just 1 cookie and feel fine about it.  I eat so few sweets -- that they taste TOO CRAZY SWEET.  At least right now they do.

Things I'm NEVER Out Of:

Greek Yogurt
Frozen Fruit
Protein Bars
Protein Powder
PB2 Powder
Shredded Meat (Chicken, Pork, Taco Meat, Etc)
Crystal Light ENERGY
Almond Milk
Sweet Chili Rice Cakes
Peanut Butter


I enjoy, love really, Aqua Aerobics and ESPECIALLY Aqua Zumba when it's available at my Y.  I enjoy doing 5K's.  I enjoy doing aerobics.  I have a personal trainer for the next 10 weeks -- straight through the holidays!  I'll be trying a Tabata, Burpees, Jump Squats -- you know -- a bunch of things I never thought I'd do!

When I think of the future, I admit to feeling afraid.

Recently, I stopped at Krispy Kreme Doughnuts with Billy and Hosanna.  Truth be told, a glazed doughnut is only 10 grams of sugar...within my limit.  I told the worker guy handing out free hot doughnuts that I didn't want one.  He looked confused.  I felt confused.  I ate a bite of Billy's.  It was good, but not heaven.  And I couldn't hide it.  B says, "You look afraid."  I said, "I feel afraid and would appreciate it we could leave now."  We did.  Strange.

Anyways, I try not to think about the future to much.  I've met PLENTLY of RNY people who have gained some of their weight back -- some that have gained all of their weight back -- and some on their second and third surgeries.  Before you judge, I've also met people on EVERY SINGLE DIET, PROGRAM, PROTEIN DRINK MIX AND PILL YOU CAN IMAGINE THAT HAVE GAINED THEIR WEIGHT BACK AS WELL.  It happens.  It's no secret. 

If you ask me if I'll gain the weight back -- my honest answer is -- I don't know.  But...


I didn't today

Today, I worked out.  I situated my work out for tomorrow.  I ate what I was suppose to eat -- when I was suppose to eat it.

And, today, that's the best I got!

Here's some pictorial proof...

December 2012

Hawaii, May 2013 (6 weeks after surgery)

August 2013

Color Run, September 2013

Visiting College Kid, a couple weeks ago.  :)

"You did it: you changed wild lament
    into whirling dance;
You ripped off my black mourning band
    and decked me with wildflowers.
I’m about to burst with song;
    I can’t keep quiet about you.
God, my God,
    I can’t thank you enough."  Psalms 30:11

Many Blessings,


  1. Stop making me cry! Seriously, you rock.

  2. So proud of you Shanna. You are such an inspiration!