Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just Regular Old Wednesday Night

Tonight, my things-to-do list went something like this:

1.  Print Invitations for Victoria's 13th Bday party.

     (This sounds easy enough.  She wanted this adorable "print yourself" one from
      Etsy.  You know, you pay $16 for the file and print them yourself.  They
      claim to be super easy.  I knew better, but she had her heart set on them...
      So, I downloaded, but you see all the color!  My home printer wouldn't do.             Printing them means saving to my flash drive.  Where is it again?  Driving to           Kinkos and printing to the tune of $1 a sheet -- for 2 invites on their colored           printer with card stock.  I told her we'd do 20).

2.  Update Craigslist Posting and Make a Flyer for Pianos.

     (We currently have 4 pianos for sale.  We average about 3 weeks to sell
      them.  Updating means getting the passwords from B, who's in Canyon
      until late this evening -- and well -- I didn't get them.  The flyer means
     more saving and printing at Kinkos...blah, blah, blah).

3.  Work on the new business plan for Creative Music Concepts.

     (Well, NOTHING about that seems to easy to me...and I've told B I needed
      at least 2 weeks of uninterrupted time to work on it.  Meaning, I'll have it
     ready by 2034.  We have a presentation to make to KinderCare Learning
     Center, 3 possible locations in the Springs for Kindermusik and are expanding
     to Canyon City.  Ei yi yi.  All good.  GREAT even.  But ei yi yi.).

So, some how I figured I'd do that between the hours of 6pm - 10pm.  All while I did homework with Eli, bathed and fed Eli and cleaned the kitchen.

In reality, I blew it all off.  Again.  Because I got this text from Hosanna:

"I need to go to Target later to look for shoes.  Wanna go with me?"

Why yes, I do.

If I ever heard the voice of God directing me, it was at the beginning of this year.  The Word was simply, "Say 'yes' more often."

And that has brought me joy.

On Wednesday evenings, everyone else is busy.  So, me and my quiet Hosanna generally have a few hours together.  Sitting side by side doing homework and work in complete silence (we both enjoy silence) or tonight -- going to the mall.

It's my delight.  And business plans, are so not my delight (although I admit it will have to get done).

While at the mall, I was able to order a beautiful aquamarine ring for Victoria for her 13th birthday present.

Soooooooo excited about giving her that gift!  She's wanted a ring for so long now.

My pinterest progress:

I am almost finished with this...

My home office or Indian Jones office?  

It gets used a lot and has to house a lot of...stuff...

So, I'm happy with the neutral colors.  It's a restful room actually.  Will double as Elizabeth's bedroom when she comes home.

I also finished this...

Which I'm NOT happy with, but it'll have to do.  I'm sure I'll find a use for it.

Speaking of Liz, we head to see her weekend after next.  Ben and Victoria will be headed to Corem Deo with a bunch of their friends.  The rest of us will head to Fort Collins in enough time for Hosanna to attend classes with her older sister.

We're all really looking forward to the weekend!

Once we're back, we'll not only have Victoria's 13th birthday party to look forward too, but also Eli's and Billy's the very next weekend!  

It's a full month!  But I do love October.  I love how the wreath looks on the front door, all the fall scented candles, the windows open...and the use of our hot tub on a crisp, starry night.  Yup, it's that great!

Mostly, soooo many people I'm just sooooooo happy were born in this month!

Hope your week is blessed!


  1. Three of our six kids were born in October!! I love it, too. :D

    SO excited to get my own piano!!! It's FOR REAL the most exciting thing to happen in my life this whole year!!!