Monday, October 28, 2013

Jesse Tree

I join things.

You know "groups" "challenges" "aerobics classes" and the such.

It commits me.

And Besides, as Donald Miller says, "Shared experiences feel more meaningful."
And all that jazz.

My friend Rebecca started a Jesse Tree group.

An advent celebration that involves 25 Christmas ornaments that correspond to Bible Stories.

I imagined this might be fun for Eli.

25 women in our group.

Each woman commits to make 25 of the SAME ornament and then we meet at an exchange and leave with a whole set!


I decided to sign up for 2 spots.  I wanted a set for Eli and a set to give to my little sister's girls.

I choose -- as I'm sure others did as well -- my ornaments based on how easy they looked.

I choose...

And this...

And...last night I started on the grapes.

Truthfully, I should have gone with something like this...

But it felt like cheating.  Like I wasn't pulling my weight.  (Although, I wouldn't mind be given one that looked like that.)

Of course, I couldn't find a package of multi purple colored pom poms, so I had to go with a single color.  

There was also (probably) a better route than hot glue.  But....

Well, they will still need some beads -- or sequences -- or SOMETHING to cover up the hot glue.  

I hope that the women in the group believe that I am, indeed, ACTUALLY taking this seriously.  It's just, painting things isn't the same as being crafty.  And, well, why on earth didn't I think to just paint the grapes?

I've already given the ladies a speech about how the exchange MUST be a no judgement zone.  Selah.

My next project...

And, well, before I started to actually make the things, I imagined displaying them like this...

Now, maybe more like this....

Or something...

Tis the Season!


  1. YOU MENTIONED ME ON YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I win.