Thursday, October 17, 2013

I'm Wide Awake...

95 days.

I will turn 40 years old in 95 days.

I feel pretty good about it, honestly.

Maybe that's my 78 lb weight loss talking? (On that note, I feel good about a lot of things.)

Maybe it's how much I've been enjoying my marriage lately?

Maybe it's the FABULOUS young adults my kids are turning out to be?

Maybe it's that I've learned more in the past year about being thankful?

(I am absolutely sure that has a lot to do with it.)

Maybe it's the hope I feel concerning our business and our ministry -- and all it could turn out to be?

Or, maybe my senile mind is just kicking in.

Turning 30 seemed really weird.

I imagined my parents to be 30 -- when in reality they were approaching 50.

40 just seems like I've arrived some place significant.  Like I'm due some respect now.  ;)

For my birthday, I am asking my family to each do 40 Random Acts of Kindness and to keep a list of things that they do.

On or near January 17th, 2014, we will make time to get together and read our lists.

I've got my own Pay It Forward 40 List to pull off.  And, it's ambitious.  In order to pull it off, I'll be working hard over the next 3 months.

Check back with me and I promise to keep you up to date!

Here's to turning 40!

Many blessings,

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