Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wanna See?

My mom is a great gift giver. She has to date bought me the perfect pair of pants, cute shoes and more than one ring (all three of which I'm a very hard fit for). Getting a package in the mail from her is always fun. This year when she called and asked what I wanted for my birthday, I duitifully answered, "Money. I need to get the tags on the van renewed." Boring. I know. But I live a VERY grown-up life and it just goes with the terriority some years.

A few weeks later, I got a sweet card and a $200 check in the mail. However, like I said, my mother isn't your average gift giver. She also sent a BIG box via UPS. Wanna see what else she got me for my birthday?

This vase is similar to one she has that I just love. It was hand made by a family friend from a block of wood from a Camphor tree. It's beautiful and I love it's uniqueness.

This necklace is a gift she had previous bought me, however, it had broken. So at Thanksgiving she confiscated it, took it back to the botique and had them replace it. Just bc she's my mom, she threw in a new pair of earrrings to match! So pretty.

Finally, she got me a Christmas Ornament (I dream of a tree COVERED with Hallmark Ornaments). It says, "Like mother, like daughter". :)

Well, there ya have it. Might sound like I'm bragging, but my mom deserves it. ;)

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