Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can I please have a quarter?

Victoria is a member of the Little Mozart's, the beginning beginners of the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony. Each year, parents of this assosication agree to contribute $100 via the sale of raffle tickets. No, I didn't wanna buy $100 worth of raffle tickets myself. So...we shamelessly signed up with other like-minded families to sell our tickets in front of King Soopers. Today, we did our second (and last) 3 hour shift. Here's a pic of Victoria playing the Cello for some interested little visitors.

As we were out there for a purpose, I duitifully set about asking each and EVERY person who left the busy store, "Would you like to support the Colorado Springs Youth Symphony and buy a raffle ticket?" MOST of the time, I wasn't able to finish my sentence before the patron responded, "No. Not today." I truthfully understood and would politely say back, "Thank you. Have a nice weekend." I imagined in some small way to be blessing the people of my city.

I often leave Walmart or the grocery store and I too walk quickly past the people sitting and fundraising at tables outside the door. I usually DON'T have cash in my wallet. But after the past 2 weekends of taking my turn on behalf of a very worthy organization, the CSYSA, I have a few insights.

Alot of times, the people running these make shift "stands" are just passionate parents trying to do something good for their kids. Maybe they can't actually afford the fees expected of them. Maybe they are of the small presentage of people who are willing to give their time and contribute to the worthwhile organizations of our city. Here's a biggie you should know the next time you see them, actually making EYE CONTACT with them when you're coming out the door -- does not obligate you to donate any money. Actually walking past them, versus turning your buggie in an ackward direction coming out the door, still doesn't obligate you to give money. They DO understand when you don't have cash or when you're in a hurry. They also understand LOTS of people can't afford to part with their cash...especially these days no matter how little.

However, if they hold the slightest amount of interest to you, take a moment and ask what they are doing there. This too doesn't obligate you to might find joy in putting that $1 or loose change in their bucket. You might even win a raffle!

Today, Victoria and I raised MORE than our required amount -- all while she got in some good "performance" time. Last week she was chosen to be interviewed and photographed by the newspaper. We were able to contribute the "excess" we raised to another family who hadn't quite meet their quota. It was fun to have finished our task sucessfully and we are thankful to have blessed and been blessed by so many generous people in our community!

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