Saturday, February 6, 2010

A birthday redo

This past weekend was my birthday redo! Well actually, Billy had given me a "night away" as my gift. So, here's what we did....

We started with a cheap the Walmart -- bc for some reason we always end up at the Walmart. We ordered a Veggie Sub with hot peppers and a side of Buttered Popcorn Jelly Belly's. No, I'm not pregnant...and I didn't eat them together. It was just symbolic that I'd get to pick what I WANTED for a change. After all, I wasn't having to share with anyone!

We checked into an out of the way hotel room in Denver. The people were sweet and pleasant. The lady origionally sent us up to the wrong room -- but she gave us $25 of FREE breakfast gc's for our "trouble".

Next morning we ended up here....

We decided to tour the Coors Beer factory. Some may think that is in bad taste, but it was free and interesting. This is Billy on the self directed tour listening to his electronic tour guide.

Here's me sitting on an ice cube!

In the "sample" room, I got a ROOT BEER bc it tastes better than COORS!

Finally, Billy saw this car outside...and well...he just thought it deserved a picture!

We so appreciated this night away. Two nights would have been spectacular...and for all those parents who manage to get an entire week away...hats off to you! We are looking forward to that one day too!

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