Monday, May 25, 2009

Summer, Glorious Summer

There are certain things that just scream summer to me. When you live in Colorado, every season is beautiful -- but you wait and watch for summer with great anticipation! You're pretty positive it's going to arrive, and then comes one more wet, cold, maybe even snowy shower that literally dampens your expectations. Summer does come though and while it stays it's glorious!

Today, Memorial Day, is perhaps that last cold, wet day of Spring. Just maybe, summer will arrive tomorrow. If it does, I'm prepared! Here's my list of things I must do this summer...

1. Fly to China and adopt a little boy whose life will be forever changed. Ours will change as well...and we can't wait!

2. Send Elizabeth off on her second international mission's trip, Germany! Try not to cry and act anxious every day she's gone.

3. Find a Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand and frequent it often; Settle on a snow cone if I must; As a last resort, there is always the ice cream truck, but I'm a little grossed out by that.

4. Walk to the park with the kids and lay by the fountain until I get sunburn on my cheeks. Feed the ducks even though the sign says not too.

5. Make the drive to Denver and lay by the wave pool in Six Flags at least 4 - 5 times; Ok, I might have to settle for standing in the kiddie pool.

6. Camp. Even if it means sleeping in a tent. Choose a camp ground close to the movie theatre so we can go see Transformers.

7. Grill and Eat the most spectacular burger on the planet.

8. Nuture the few plants in my yard and hopefully eat some home grown lettuce and tomatoes.

9. Spend a few lazy mornings reading my Bible as long as I want.

10. Remember to kiss my husband and hug my children more often. Do this after crushing them in a game of badminton in the back yard!

I also reserve the right to: plan a couple spectacular vacations for the fam in my mind (Washington DC and the Disney Cruise come to mind!) -- and start saving my money for them!, sell the house, clean out closets, plant more flowers that I can afford, hike, hike, hike, go out to 'adult only' dinners with friends, read pointless fiction books, start a nature journal like Mr. Spiderwicks, go fishing, bike the Santa Fe Trail, try the incline, Aerobics for an hour, etc. etc. etc. But...we'll see!

Hope your summer is a memorable one as well!

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