Sunday, May 24, 2009

The beginning - but not the beginning beginning

I thought I should start my families blogging experience with a nice L O N G blog about how Billy and I came to be married. After all -- it's hard to appreciate where we are if you don't know where we've come from. four bio kids trying to finish up their school year, a husband immersed in a busy career and ministry, a relator whose trying to sell our home, clients and students of my ever growing music studio, and get the point. A long, romantic blog about our glorious beginning may never happen.

While you wait for that amazing blog -- here's a quick list of 10 things you need to know about the Ramsdell's.

1. The God of the Universe pursued us. When we realized this, we responded to Him. He graciously set our feet on a path to follow Him. Our life is NEVER boring.

2. We think being married and being parents is fun --- most of the time. We're not a perfect family, but we are a forgiving family.

3. We have the most creative, brilliant, energic bunch of bio kids in the history of bio kids who have no appreciation for cleaning their rooms. They have a life -- and we have our kids!

4. We love sunscreen, the beach, a tan, a good book and a great Jon Egan song.

5. Speaking of music, we love music. I play piano and Billy plays the CD player. We have kids who play guitar, recorder, dance and sing. We have 5 IPODS and over 1,000 CD's.

6. We think going to church, praying and serving is a good time.

7. We believe that every once in awhile Cheez-It's, Oreos and/or Cereal makes a fine dinner.

8. We'd vote for a 4 hour/4 day work and school week if we could, but in reality we'd all be far too serious to stick to it after awhile! On most days we work long and hard.

9. Because we believe in working long and hard -- we LOVE vacation and we LOVE our down time. We can plan and pull off a family vacation better than any family I know. We're crazy about it actually. We also love Friday nights snuggled on the couch watching a movie, going to the movies anytime, taking walks to the park, skating, swimming, riding ATV's, hiking, shopping, and blogging.

10. We are on a journey right now to a little boy in China we plan to name Elias Zhang Wei Ramsdell. We'll call him Eli for short. He of course doesn't know that he is waiting for us -- but shortly -- he'll take the plane ride of his life and become a Ramsdell. His life will NEVER be BORING.


  1. you guys are such a cute family! welcome to blog world! =)

  2. Yeah Ramsdells! We are so excited for Eli to become a member of your family. Wanna hear something funny? When I first read your blog address I thought it said "USA n DELI". LOL!!! Then I quickly snapped out of it. :-) So glad you are blogging your experienece, love you guys!