Monday, May 25, 2009

Initials and dates

There's a lot of initials involved with international adoption: LID, LOA, MCC, LOI, TA, DTC, (LOL) to name a few. And who can state the importance of adoption dates and timelines?

For those less familiar here's the run down of the adoption alphabet from our start date to where we are now.....

* We first attended Orientation at Chinese Children Adoption International in Denver, Colorado with application in hand in Feb of 2006.....8 months before our little boy was born.

LID (Log.In.Date.) 4/17/07 - this was the date the chinese government received our official stack of paperwork (dossier). Our dossier has been holding our spot in line ever since.

MCC (Medical.Conditions.Checklist) 9/24/08 - on this day, we turned in a form to the adoption agency stating exactly which "known" medical conditions we were open to accept...this decision ultimatley led us to our "match".

LOI (Letter.Of.Intent) 4/2/09 - today we officially accepted a "match" for Zhang Wei. We actually found and chose this boy ourselves from our adoption agency's website. We submitted our letter stating that we intended to adopt him.

PA (Preliminary Approval) 4/8/09 - we received an electronic acknowledgement from China today saying that we were tenatively approved to adopt Zhang Wei.

LOA (Letter Of Acceptance) 4/15/09 - today we received an offical, electronic letter from China saying we were actually approved to adopt our little guy. We must now resubmit our stack of LOA paperwork for a second approval!

LOA #2 (Letter of Acceptance - 2nd fililng) 5/15/09 - today we have recieved official notice that our second filing has made it to the Chinese Center for Adoption Affairs. We are hoping to travel within a month!

TA (Travel Approval) ??? - we are currently awaiting notice from the Chinese Government that we are approved for travel. The travel approval is good for 5 months. At this point, we'll be able to book plane tickets!!!

We are also anxiously awaiting our Gotcha Day (day we actually get Eli), Family Day (day we finalize our adoption of Eli) and of course the greatly anticipated "We've actually returned to America and can take a breath Day!" ;)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your journey; what a ride it has been and will continue to be... nothing BORING HERE. :o)
    Anticipating Eli in your arms soon. Thanks for inviting us to share your joyS,