Sunday, April 28, 2013

While Daddy's Away...

What a week!

Billy flew out early Wednesday morning to speak at a workshop on Parenting in Florida.  It must have went well.  He sounded happy -- so did our friends putting on the event.

Dad got to stay here...

Nice, huh?

That's my mom's back yard.

He deserved a few days of rest, fair enough.

But while he was away talking about parenting, well, let's just say I was here doing it.  :)

Still recovering, I purchased my needed vitamins and set a schedule.  It's complicated.  B-12 shots, multi with iron, calcium (but not too close to the iron and only 500 mg at a time...3 times a day), and not to forget the D3.  Basically, I eat vitamins these days.

I finished my lesson plans for the rest of the year.  I'm done seeing my clients on May 18th and will be taking off until JULY!  Yea me!

We are going to do this in my preschool class...

My older classes are going to try this...

I planned summer lessons and started working on summer camps...and ran accounts payable.

Victoria was accepted and CONFIRMED in College Pathways.  Such a blessing!  More on this later...

Elizabeth and Hosanna worked A LOT.

Usually, B does early mornings and late nights -- as I'm more of a "mid day" type of person.  Saturday, taking Hosanna to work at 7:30am she mentioned that she had picked up a "double shift" and that I'd need to come back and pick her up at midnight.  I almost wrecked into a tree.  Fortunately, my mother-in-law had mercy on me. She offered to pick Hosanna up.

We did a soccer game.  We kicked butt 6 to 1.

We registered for the pool -- only $99 this weekend.  Can't.  Wait.

I shopped with this sweety.

I will soon bless you all with a blog about bathing suit shopping with teen daughters.  
You're Welcome.

We ate NO fast food.  Tuesday, I will have been "off" fast food for 1 month.  AWESOME!

I worked on a grad gift for Elizabeth.

A little collage of her childhood art projects.  I just love this!

We couponed.

$400 in groceries for $250.  Not EXTREME COUPONING, just REGULAR COUPONING people!

I sold a book on Amazon.  Missions trip fundraising nearing an end.  Can we all say, amen!

I didn't fold this laundry.

This stack was much smaller before Billy left.  It's grown.  I hope he still wants to come back!

I planned next weekend away, here....

I AdOrE the Old Town Guest House in Old Colorado City.

Who wouldn't love this?

And this?

Bedrooms with private balconies with hot tubs that over look Pike's Peak and the sunset?

Yes, please.

Today I decided to REST.  Get outside with all the other Coloradans.  It's 70 and the sun is blazing.

After a two mile walk at the park, I took Eli and a friend for ice cream...

Eli found this treasure.  I wonder if it's real?  It says $20.

And since Monday and Tuesday are my BUSIEST days of the month -- come Wednesday I'll be exhausted and come Friday -- very much in need of a night away!!!

Dad comes home tomorrow!!!

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