Thursday, April 18, 2013

What a difference 2 weeks can make...

It might feel like I'm coming out of the closet here -- but I just haven't gotten around to telling everyone.

A little over 2 weeks ago, on April 2nd, I had Gastric Bypass Surgery.

How I came to that decision was years in the making -- and material for another day (don't worry, I'll get around to it - and I'm more than happy to share my process).  I actually thought about starting a new blog dedicated to this topic -- and my next thought was WHO WANTS TO READ AN ENTIRE BLOG DEDICATED TO GASTRIC BYPASS SURGERY or even about MY weight loss?  I quickly answered, I DON'T.  For real, I don't.

Here's the jist of it.  It's a kicka** recovery.  Believe me.  The word a** is appropriately placed there.  It's that hard.  Even when the surgery apparently "couldn't have gone better".  In the first week, I only thought I'd die about 100 times.

God must have other plans for me.

Yesterday was my 2 week post opt visit.  I have lost almost 16 lbs.  The doctor said it was mostly water weight (and I didn't even slap him).  I've been cleared for all physical activity -- which means I've been doing "Walk Away the Pounds" by Leslie Sansone.

3 miles, in 45 minutes -- with a firm band.  Hallelujah.

Since it's technically a 6 week recovery, I'm still on "soft foods".  Which is a whole lot better than clear liquids, believe you me.  I never. EVER. want chicken broth again.  Nuff said.

But, man, do I feel better!

I've had my first attempt at eating in a restaurant.  1 egg, over easy, at Cracker Barrel.

They charge you $6.99 for that by the way.

I've cooked a couple of times.  Tonight, Vegetarian Chili - light on the spice.

My diet is WAY different -- and WAY healthier.  High protein, low carb -- very little sugar.

And my doctor has ALREADY taken me off of ALL -- that's A.L.L. -- meds for blood pressure and diabetes.  Rock on.

HOWEVER, that's NOT all that's happening around here....

Elizabeth has her first voice student competing in a competition in just 3 weeks.  I'm her accompanist and she's doing great!

She also took a SECOND job at ChickFila.

(Since they give free meals to their employees, I've speculated that we should all 7 work there.)

Elizabeth's graduation happens on May 24th -- Grad Party on May 26th -- Leave for a week in Hawaii on May 27th.  Yup.  Fun.  Exciting.  Crazy.  (I can't wait to be in Hawaii!)

Hopefully, we'll she'll have decided on a college by then.

Hosanna has also been working at Chick.  Miss Smarty Pants will be inducted into the National Honors Society on Monday night.

Saturday night, however, is Prom.  She borrowed a dress and is going with a young man the RamFam parents happen to adore.

Note:  Boys we don't adore -- need not apply.  Whereas I might be able to be charmed and won over, Mr. Ramsdell -- not so much.

Ben got his cast off.  He's been in physical therapy and playing around (agility drills only) with the football team.  He's been selling doughnuts like crazy (which means his father makes him get up at the crack of dawn inorder to drive 39 miles ONE WAY to the nearest Krispie Kreme) -- and only about $300 from his $1995 missions trip goal.  This past Saturday, he participated in this first training with Every Home for Christ.  I. Love. It.

Victoria, thanks to her expert knowledge of "the law" and persistent personality, was able to start a prayer group at school. In just a few weeks they've gone from having 3 participants to having 10 -- and she's VERY excited about that!  She was recently invited to join the College Pathways program next year -- which if accepted -- will be major change.

Eli started soccer during my recent recovery.  Lets just say, he probably won't have a career in it HOWEVER he did make a perfect score on his 5th spelling test in a row -- earning yet another Light Saber -- one that ACTUALLY lights up and makes sound!  Spelling is harder when you have limited vision.  Good thing he's a genius (and really cute)!

Last but not least, Billy is getting ready to go back on the road again soon -- speaking at a parenting conference in Florida on April 26th.  After taking care of me day and night since April 2nd, I'm SURE he needs the break!  We are thankful for all the opportunities extended towards him this past year to speak and minister.  Truly, truly a blessing!

Best of all summer's right around the corner!

We.  Need.  Summer.  :)


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