Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hosanna in the Highest

Our 16 year old daughter, Hosanna, took a job recently at Chick-Fil-A.

She started in the Dining Room - sweeping, cleaning floors, refilling drinks and being social with customers.

One day, a lady noticed her name tag and said, "Hosanna.  I LOVE your name!  How'd you get it"?

Hosanna is gracious.

She smiled and said sweetly, "Probably the same way you got your name.  My parents gave it to me."

This is my child.

The real, REAL story goes  like this....

Back in the mid 90's Billy was helping to lead worship at our church in Valrico, Florida.

Elizabeth was just a few months old.  

That Sunday evening, I had the "ministry" of running the slide projector.  Some of you will appreciate.  

"State of the Art" in worship ministry at the time, the machine projected the words to the songs on the wall - just incase someone forgot them.

I sat on the back row and clicked the button forwards and backwards - keeping in pace with Billy.

I wasn't praying -- or asking -- in a typical sense, but I was listening.  Listening to see if there was anything God would want to whisper to me.  

All of a sudden, in my imagination, I saw a blonde haired little girl, dancing (and dancing well).  I heard, "Her name is Hosanna."

I was a little taken a back.  It was so crazy vivid in my minds eye that I actually began to talk to God, quietly, but out loud.

This is what I said, "You can't name a baby Hosanna.  It's not a name."  :)

But over the course of the next few weeks, it grew on me.  A lot.

Billy loved it.

But we told no one our plan.  We had already decided and we didn't want to be talked out of it.

Funny, years later, if you know her -- well her name has always just suited her.  Although, I'm sure she didn't want to explain all of THAT to the lady at ChickFila.

And, did I mention, she can dance?


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