Friday, October 5, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

Today was Parent Teacher Conference Day.  For Eli.

We show up, right on time, eager to speak with his sweet Kindergarten teacher and possibly the speech or occupational therapist.

Eli is at The Classical Academy's North Campus.  For those in the know, we suspected it might be a stretch putting him in TCA -- with his visual impairment.  The charter school we love is mostly great, but it is also, most definitely, ridged and set in it's ways.  When it comes to veering off the path laid out for the average child, they have a slightly "unaccommodating"reputation.  Still, we decided to go ahead and see how it goes.

As we entered the classroom, almost immediately the teacher began to tear up.  B and I look at one another.  She starts off, "It's been a challenge.  I've had to learn new things.  But, (tears flowing now), I just love him so much.  He's amazing!  He's such a blessing and you guys are amazing too!"  The speech therapist hands her a Kleenex.

B and I exchange glances.  Clearly, I'm not FB friends with Mrs. Garcia.  Otherwise, she would have known that yesterday I forgot my 8:30 am client (even though she comes at 8:30 am EVERY WEEK).  I was still in my PJ's when she knocked on the door!  I showed up at 10:20 am to teach the first of (6) one hour classes with the wrong lesson plans.  Billy's car broke down.  Elizabeth threw her $300 retainer in the trash AND lost her debit card!  My sub was running late.  Seriously, the last couple of weeks have been the scariest environment imaginable.

B says quietly, "In this case 'amazing' must mean...tired".  I whisper, "...and broke."  We both giggled thinking of all the other adjectives we'd like to throw into this back and forth conversation.  We could have entertained ourselves all day...but Miss Garcia was still having a moment.

She went on to explain her modified classroom procedures and that Eli was at the top of his game when it came to being patient and learning his phonograms.  

Finally, she cuts to the chase.  "I feel like God has been calling us to adopt," says Mrs. Garcia.  "I spent the entire last year praying about it.  We've finished almost all of the requirements to foster adopt and I think God's put Eli in my class for a reason..."

We both smile.  Shift in conversation.  Three parent-teacher time slots later -- we go home a little taken a back.

It's funny.  When you're running late in your PJ's...emptied your Dave Ramsey ER fund on car repairs for the 100th time...feel guilty for telling nearly adult daughter she has to pay for her own replacement retainer...have a "doubled-in-size-practically-overnight" business that you're not sure you're stewarding correctly (and even if you are -- it's making you tired)... and can't tell if your 13 year old son is retarded or just in puberty...amongst many, many other things....................................

Well, God can still use you.

And that's AMAZING.