Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall Play List!

I often make summer things to do lists.  You know, the fun kind of list.  This year, mine was rather short.  So short in fact I could keep it all in my head.  Something like...spend as much time in the pool as possible.  I succeeded.

Now, fall is on the horizon.  Can't say that makes me happy as of yet.  Mainly because school supply shopping, schedules and early bedtimes fall somewhere in there and those aren't my favorite.  So...I'm making a fall list of things I DO like to do...just so I can live in the moment and not miss any good thing!  Happiness!  Fall happiness!

So without further ado...

- Drink a Pumpkin Spice from Starbucks.
- Run the Turkey Trot.  Mostly run, not mostly walk.
- Plan homemade Halloween Costumes.  Plan a pre-trick or treat hot chocolate with my neighbors.

- Draw in Nature Journal.
- Carve pumpkins (Host a contest...with a prize).
- Be thankful.  Write it down.
- Read our Thanksgiving Book as a family.  Even if no one wants too.  They won't die.

- Make pumpkin bread.  Share with neighbors.
- Start Christmas Shopping
- Decorate the house for fall

- Put fall flowers by the front door.
- Make Candy Apples
- Find a Corn Maze.  Be smarter than Billy.  Beat Billy.

- Make Indian Corn Cupcakes
- Make pumpkin paper mache with Eli
- Convince the kids to bob for apples

- Spend a family day in the mountains.  Eat dinner at the Mason Jar.
- Plan birthday parties for Benjamin, Eli, Victoria, AND Billy.
- Purchase a Titans hoddie and enjoy Ben's football games.

Join me!  What's on YOUR fun fall to do list?

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  1. LOVE this!! I haven't started mine yet, but yours was so inspiring that I am going to now. :)