Thursday, July 19, 2012

Got'cha Day - Our Third Go Around

Today was our third anniversary of Eli's "Gotcha Day"!

Three, busy years since we came home with a very scared, speechless, frail little boy.

Admittedly back then, I looked longingly at my friends adopted children, all of whom had been home at least three years and wished for their level of normalcy.

My expectations for Eli and the RamFam  in July of 2009 were conjured up in the mist of jet lag and culture shock (mine first, then his).  

Simply put, REST and COMMUNICATION topped my wish list.  You can read about that here.

Eli has learned quite a bit more than a "few English words."  He starts Kindergarten in the The Classical Academy...with the rest of his peers.  He will need the special concession of a spot close to the teacher and larger font, but that's it.  He knows his letters, all their sounds and is very much looking forward to reading!  He's learned to ride his bike, write, and this summer  - has enjoyed swimming like a fish.  He's been on a cruise to Mexico and was the third in our family to summit the Great Sand Dunes of Colorado.  He greatly enjoyed a recent trip to MiMi's house where he swam in the ocean, played with his cousins and rode his first roller coaster.  He's become quite a popular "friend" to neighborhood kids -- and anyways, who wouldn't want to play with such an easy going, sweet guy?  

During our first days alone together, I felt the Holy Spirit impress on me that Eli's "transition" would be slow, yet uneventful.  I didn't always trust that this would be the case, but low and behold it has been accurate and we are thankful for it.  

Probably the most significant sign that our son is doing well is that he has stopped asking us, "Are you coming back?"  This was the first English phrase Eli learned.  In the first year and 1/2 he would ask that question at least 45 times a day.  Today, I'm thankful to say, I don't remember the last time he asked ANY of us if we were coming back.  We indeed do - come back.

Three years, and Eli has now been a "Ramsdell" for longer than he was an orphan.  A significant milestone -- for him and his family.  We are thankful and still expecting great things!

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