Friday, January 27, 2012

Small Beginnings

Years ago now..16 to be exact...B was preparing to come on staff at his home church in Valrico, Florida.  He would spend his days working on everything from leading small outreach.  The position was a big deal for 2 very young, newly married, Bible School Students and this church in particular was a place we really wanted to be...under a Pastor we had a great deal of admiration for.

Elizabeth Joy had recently rocked entered our world and although I was passionate (and busy) with both motherhood and ministry, I still felt led to pray for my own niche - which I hoped would fall outside the realm of baby diapers and church.

Having been a Performance Music Major, my mother-in-law gave me the family piano and I tossed around the idea of teaching.  My across-the-street neighbor was a sweet, kindly music teacher with more than 20 years experience and on occassion we'd find ourselves chatting about the subject.

I remember clearly the day I decided that I would begin teaching piano lessons.  I said to B, "Well, if I'm going to do this, I need to advertise.  God's not just going to drop students in my lap."  About an hour later, my neighbor knocked on our back door (those are still in use in the South) and said, "Here is the name and number of a mom who would like piano lessons.  I can't take anymore students in my schedule so, I thought of you.  Infact, why don't I recommend you to people who call me from now on."  I guess God can do whatever He wants to do.

Thus began a little cottage industry where I would teach music while Elizabeth Joy played on a baby blanket on the floor and B was out saving the world (so to speak).

Over the years, I continued to teach private music lessons while expanding my abilities -- teaching classroom music in schools of all types and becoming a liscensed Kindermusik Educator.

16 years in and I'm ready to take on the expanded role of mentor and encourager to  young teachers, just like me, looking to make the world a better place and instill a love of music in young students in Colorado Springs.

This coming year, my studio, Creative Music Concepts will be expanding to offer private lessons in more than one location in our city.  We will once again be offering Kindermusik classes to children and their parents/caregivers ages 3 months - 5 years old.  We've hired teachers, wonderful musicians in their own right, and the kind of young people you really want your kids to be around.

Now, will you help us by spreading the word?  You and your friends can "like" us on Facebook by searching Creative Music Concepts.  Also, feel free to pass along our information should you come across anyone needing private piano lessons or might be interested in Kindermusik classes.

We are grateful for the rich place God has brought us too, in our family, in ministry and in business.  We look forward to the next 16 years and living life well with many of you.

Shanna and Billy Ramsdell 719-290-2449

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