Sunday, January 8, 2012

Great weekends are much appreciated

We had a great weekend. It started with an email response from an old friend. You see, I am "somewhat organized". This leaves plenty of room for "somewhat disorganized". I like my kitchen counters cleared off, for instance, but if you open my "junk drawer" -- well lets just say it looks like a good old fashioned junk drawer. IAM JUST FINE WITH THIS.

Still, I sent one of my oldest and best friends, Ginny Thomas, a long email (it probably took her 4 hours to read) lamenting my need to re-organize virtually every area of my large life. She graciously responded with the kind of response only someone who really knows you can give...Shanna, you know what needs to be just need to actually DO what needs to be done. Yes.

It takes a long time to become "old friends". It's worth it.

Billy and I have decided to make 2012 "our year". Ya know it goes like this, "No, we are not taking the 5 of you. Only me and dad are going out to dinner". And, "No, we aren't all staying the weekend in Breckenridge - only dad and I". It's only January 8th and our kids are already notably confused by this. So...what do you do when you need a cheap date? Friday night we piled sleeping bags in front of the TV, ate popcorn, watched the World's Worst movie, and listened to the 80's station. For parents of 5 children, this was almost like being in the spa. Almost.

Saturday, we drove 2 hours to Limon, Colorado where our youngest daughter, Victoria's worship band class had the opportunity to run through a real rehearsal and lead an hour worship session. They did a fantastic job thanks to a lot of hard work and a great teacher/leader. After a week of "Celebrity Wife Swap" and Facebook conversations about pastors on "Dr. Phil", I am especially grateful for humble, Godly men, like Victoria's teacher, Gary Trobee, who are willing to serve God in quiet places without any fanfare. My heroes I tell ya.

Besides having a great time with our daughter and her friends, we were able to have dinner with too new friends, Valerie and Ron Lumsden. Valerie brought me my first birthday gift and let's just say we are planning on the Lumsden Family becoming old friends.

Today, after a very enjoyable church service we had CHRISTMAS DINNER compliments of my sweet in-laws. Yes, Christmas Dinner on Jan 8th and it tasted just as good. Not to mention that AMAZING win by the Broncos.

Here are a few misc pics for your viewing pleasure!


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