Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Excessive Parental Boasting

Warning...this blog is filled to the brim with sheer and utter "braggy"ness...if you have a problem with excessive parental boasting...please stop now....

Tonight, Elizabeth is helping to lead the charge at the DSM prayer meeting.  She knows prayer is a valuable way to spend her time.  She is beautiful and wonderful and I can hardly believe she belongs to me.  Actually, she belongs to God and I've always known that.  Consecrated.  Set apart.  And the fact that God loaned her to me is a sign of His goodness.  These days our home is filled with talk of College, Cars, Jobs, Future, Future, Future...and I'm gonna miss her like crazy when I don't get to see her everyday.

Hosanna is praying too.  She's also kicking academic butt in one of the best schools in the nation!  From the moment God put the very thought of her in my mind, I knew she would be someone special.  She's beautiful and wonderful and tonight before DSM -- she paused her busy schedule to cook dinner for the family. I love her willingness to serve and the fact that she's just as comfortable behind the scenes as she is on stage.  I think she's pretty amazing.

Benjamin is working hard to please his parents -- and admittedly we are sometimes hard to please.  He claims he'll go to cotillion if I want him too, although he thinks fancy manners are useless.  I'm convinced he's growing in wisdom -- allbeit S.L.O.W.L.Y.  I think he is destined to follow in his father's defend the love his family like be kind...intense...and care about the things God cares about.  I'm crazy about him really.

Victoria is sitting at the piano.  She's playing...singing... worshiping.  Her favorite past times.  I love that I only taught her to play a chord chart 5 minutes ago.  I love the way she she gives her whole heart to something.  I love that she is sensitive to words -- and she knows for her this is a good thing -- and a hard thing.  Victory comes easily for her...and she is our sunshine on a cloudy day.

Eli is whining.  It's annoying really.  Regardless -- these past 2 years he's proved himself brave...and he's becoming filled with true joy.  Amazing.  I love him to death.

So there ya have it.  The RamFam clan at it's least for today.  Great days don't happen all the time.  At least they don't for the 7 of us.  This day in fact began with grumpiness (I didn't sleep well)...and boredom (I didn't want to do the list of things I H.A.D. to do...much less those things that keep our household dishes and laundry).  But, my friend Valerie likes to encourage people to choose the color of their day.  Gray?  No.  I'm not really a gray girl.  How's about RED...or ORANGE AND PINK or GREEN AND BLUE!  Even if I liked Gray...I'd want something Red hanging on the wall in front of it.  So...looking through THAT lens...we ended up with a GREAT day.  And, I'm so thankful.

Blessings and more blessings to you and yours!


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