Wednesday, September 30, 2009

2 months home!!!

We have officially been 2 months home with Eli. In those two months our four bio kids have started school (one in highschool, one in Jr. high), Hosanna has undergone extensive recovery on her foot, and Billy has begun a new job. We've just begun to add "after school activities" into our schedule and yet EVERY DAY is brimming with things-to-do. Life is never boring...and it's never idle!

Eli is changing every week. Currently, he is as animated as we've ever seen him. He's laughs a lot and talks all the time. He has about 20 American words/phrases that he uses regularly and at the right times. The other morning when I went to fish him out of the crib, he said, "Good morning. How are you? Good." He has entire conversations memorized as a matter of fact! He uses the names of family members and certainly recognizes his own. He's enjoying a weekly story time at the library and loves playing outside. He's certainly has become interested in his environment, toys and tentatively delights in his new found freedoms.

Eli eats everything...and I do mean everything. Just a few minutes ago he yelled from the kitchen, "Mommy, Eli hungry! Eat!" We'll work on his manners.

As far as "bonding" and knowing there is something special about the 6 members of his family...and knowing there is something special about his parents -- he continues to come along. It's a slow, steady and fragile process.

His glasses have done wonders for his sight and his enjoyment in looking at things. We actually do not feel like we deal with his "special need" on a daily basis besides keeping up with where we put his little glasses. Friday he will go to the eye Dr. to have the glaucoma that's in his left eye checked. Glaucoma is "high eye pressure" -- you can liken it to high blood pressure. If it's high enough he may need a medication or procedure to relieve it. I'll keep everyone informed.

For now...the Ramsdell's are alive and doing well!

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  1. i just love reading updates about your's awesome to hear that Eli (and everyone one else in the famly) is adjusting really well! Day by day right? =) And he is definitely the cutest thing with his tiny glasses!

    God is good!