Friday, October 2, 2009

Cataracts, Glaucoma and other things....

Today, I took Eli back for his second eye Dr. visit. He has quite the glasses prescription. Infact, he looks just like chicken little! I've told my four bio kids that that's why I had them first -- so they can beat up all the playground bullies that may pick on him later in life! As a baby, Eli had cataracts in both eyes. They may have been congenital or they may have come as the result of some sort of infection he may have had. In China, to save his vision, they removed the LENS from both of his eyes...which explains the coke bottle glasses. The lens is the part of the eye we use to without can only imagine what he sees. He also developed Glaucoma. Glaucoma is simply high eye pressure. The pressure in Eli's eyes should be "20" or less. The pressure in his right eye today was "40". As with high blood pressure, the Dr. will try and bring the pressure down with medications. Specifically, we will begin with eye drops. If that doesn't bring the pressure down significantly by December, the Dr. will take the most common, sure approach and operate. Since Hosanna will be having her surgery to remove the hard wear in her foot in December -- maybe they can share a hospital room! Sigh. Anyhow, once having the surgery some kids need nothing else, but many still need meds to keep the pressure low. Glaucoma in children can be likened to doesn't go away, but is something that CAN be kept under control and managed so that Eli sees the bright, exciting future God has instore for him -- with BOTH eyes!

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  1. Hes just sooooo cute! And I love that song...."Do ya, Do ya, Do ya Love me?" Hahaha! Luv ya