Saturday, September 26, 2009

Good use of a Saturday!

I like to paint things. I love wearing paint overalls! Paint under my nails at the end of the day probably means I spent time doing something I think is worthwhile. Actually, I like to slap paint on. I like to jump right in on a project, before I'm totally prepared (that means I don't tape up), and just get it going! I appreciate finger paints, water colors, collage materials and sidewalk chalk. I'm the mom who keeps playdough on a low shelf for easy access -- and I think playing with moon sand is a great use of time as a matter of fact. I'm a messy painter, but I have fun doing it.

Today, I did my front door. Since I was basically left uniterrupted for the most arms are tired, but my brain feels like I've been on a mini vacation! With no less than 11 children in and out of my house...that's pretty amazing. Here's to a good use of time on a Saturday!

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