Thursday, August 6, 2009

Eli's first visit to Peditrician....

Today, Billy and I took Eli to his very first peditirican appointment. We were there a whopping 2 hours! It took quite a while for them to go through his Chinese immunizations and figure them out. Fortunately, Dr. Golda felt comfortable enough with them that he only had to have 1 shot today. He was VERY unhappy about it.

The bottom line is that Eli is a very healthy, smart little boy who seems to have had great care in the orphanage. He was in a program called Half the Sky Foundation -- and actually received some preschool there. The ministry is worth checking out online

Eli's small motor skills are right on target. The Dr. expects his gross motor skills to catch up in 4 weeks or less. He most likely had great verbal skills -- in China. She was happy with his ability to copy words and will see him again in 6 months to better access his speech development. All in all we were very, very pleased with the visit.

We are so excited about how well he seems to be doing since coming home. Each day he "comes alive" just a little more. All 6 of us are enjoying this time with him. We are thanking God for his mercy and joy!

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